Tuesday Stunts!


  Stock Photo: Not from the video. This weeks Tuesday stunts features a Sportster from south of the border and a skull masked bandit rider. There is also a V-Rod being flogged mercilessly. Not a whole lot of description available on this video, the uploader didn’t give us much to go by. What we can […]

Photo 1(3)

From “Denver” Dan and the boys at The Speed Merchant comes this tricked out Sportster called “The Exponent” The list of parts and pieces is extensive and impressive. 1998 THE EXPONENT 1200cc Branch-O’keefe heads, J&E Pistons (10.5/1 compression) Andrews N-4 cams Mikuni 42mm carb Nology plug wires 39mm front-end w/ SM fork adjusters SM Triple […]

Cole Freeman

  The folks at Ill Conduct sent in this video of their most recent stunt escapades! Filmed at this years Sturgis rally and featuring Sportsters, Baggers, and more. Make sure to¬† keep an eye on this space for more videos from them. By the way if you look closely you might be able to pick […]