HDForums member, Swansea Jack, posed the question in the forums at the beginning of December and we’ve been watching the thread grow. He rides a Sportster but acknowledges that “best” depends on how it’s used. Obviously, you’re not going to use a chainsaw if you’re a heart surgeon (at least one who wants to keep […]


Harley-Davidson recently revealed its largest scale new model launch in the company’s 110-year history, a venture titled Project RUSHMORE, which encompasses eight new motorcycles that feature “improved power and braking performance, enhanced rider ergonomics, and dramatic styling updates that completely redefine and fundamentally transform the touring motorcyclist’s experience. Project RUSHMORE focuses on improvements that fall […]


Harley riders know a thing or two about twisties. It’s something that a lot of people who don’t ride bikes don’t think about, but they do. Normally when you read about Italian mountain roads, you think of Ferraris and Ducati’s tearing it up. HDF member t_m34 took his Road King Classic up those same roads. I […]

As a kid, I never got mules. I’d watch old cowboy movies and thought that anybody that rode a mule or had anything to do with a mule was an ass themselves. Mules were some ancient experiment of breeding a horse and a donkey gone wrong. They were obstinate (maybe because they’re all sterile?), slow, stupid looking, and ready to kick or bite for no apparent reason. Mules were often depicted as pack animals loaded with loud, rattling crap that the owner had to walk beside and constantly coax to even do that instead of dashing across a western landscape at speed on Silver or Trigger. If someone was actually depicted riding one at what looked like a pace slightly slower than walking (and constantly conversing with it), you knew they were a loser. As a kid, mules were none of my business.