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Talking 1998 FLTR Cruise Module Retrofit

I am submitting the following in hope that it may help others who have had a failed or missing cruise control module that uses a speedometer reed switch to sense speed feedback. I bought a used FLTR a few years ago with factory installed cruise control. One problem, the cruise module and stepper cable were missing. The original cruise module was listed in my HD Service Manual as 70955-98. When I tried to buy this module from HD, they told me it was obsolete and didn't offer an alternative. After searching the net I found a couple used modules, one with a stepper cable and one without. Both parties would not guarantee they would work so I passed on both. That was in 2004. To cut to the chase, I recently contacted Cruisemount, LLC, a Kansas based company who sells after market cruise control systems for many styles of HD motorcycles. I told them my situation and, instead of selling me one of their systems, they gave me guidance to buy a retrofit directly from HD that would work in-kind with my existing controls and wiring harness. Since I had already had everything, including the carburetor linkage attachment, all I needed was an adaptable cruise module, stepper cable and mounting hardware. The following is the Bill of Material I purchased from HD: Cruise module - 70989-98C, Stepper cable - 56372-98, (3) rubber grommets - 11497, (3) flange nuts - 7499 and (1) e-clip - 11193 (locks stepper cable to carburetor bracket). I simply followed the installation and set-up instructions in my 1998 FLT Service Manual and the results were overwhelming. The cruise control worked perfectly without additional hardware or adjustment. Thanks go to Cruisemount for the advise.
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