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Hoppe Quadzilla fairing evaluation report

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Old 08-21-2008, 04:49 PM
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Default Hoppe Quadzilla fairing evaluation report

I had a real difficult time deciding which after market fairing to buy for my Road King. After much research and reading of all the threads I could find, looking at many owner's pictures and reading web sites of the different manufacturers I decided that the Hoppe Quadzilla was the one most suited for me.

I wanted a painted fairing and didn't want to have it painted locally so I was fortunate that my bike was Vivid Black and black was the option for paint. I chose the gloss black on the outer and inner although a flat black was available for the inner at a reduced price. The price was $175 for each piece. I must say it is a BEAUTIFUL job on the paint!

The thing that sold me most on the radio package was the fact that this Eclispe upgrade radio (Eclipse 3200) had more features and value for the money than any of the others on the other brands. Actually some of the other manufacturers clearly stated how their CD player would skip. This CD player plays standard CD's, MP3's, WMA, CDR's CD R/W. I cannot make it skip on the roughest roads so it must have a great read ahead buffer. It comes standard with a USB port and I had an Aux point installed in the fairing as an option. Is is Sirrius and XM compatible through the radio controls with the optional hardware but I have no use for another subscription payment so I didn't choose that optional hardware. It also has an Ipod controller that is an option that makes the Ipod controllable through the the radio controls and charges the ipod. Although through Hoppe it is a $200 option for the controller I saw it on the net for around $40 if that is to be considered. But after plugging a 2 gig flash memory stick into the USB port, loaded with hundreds of songs in individual folders, and seeing that I could switch folders and songs with them displayed with the scrolling text of the folder and song and artist, I truly don't know why I would even consider the hassle of an ipod with the weather problems and expense of the Ipod and controller. The radio itself has very good reception. It has many presets and has color options for the display and buttons and combinations of color choices which is pretty cool. It has a motorized CD slot and detachable face plate on radio. The radio sits behind a spring loaded extreme weather cover in the fairing so at the push of a button it opens. It is blue tooth capable for phones and players using bluetooth which is not that important to me right now but maybe in the future. Although it only came with a quick reference manual a 113 page manual can be downloaded and printed off the net which I have done. I am thrilled with the sound and volume although serious base cannot be had with 5 inch speakers or 6 1/2 inchers in my opinion. But the sound is alot better than my friend's standard Ultas to me after tweaking the built in equalizer controls. I do like the looks of the 4 speakers instead of two larger ones personally. The upgraded CD3200 system comes with a fairly small pocket size fully functional remote control. This comes in handy for that back passenger who just can't live with the current tune playing. In some cases it might be a good idea not to mention it comes with a remote.

Although this fairing is not what I call a quick detachable it is advertised as such. I guess very quick considering the time it takes to remove a stock Harley fairing for sure, but not like my standard windshield was. And I knew this when I ordered it. My main point is that it can be removed in probably ten minutes and have the stock windshield back on it's not just seconds. The reason is that it uses metal instead of the stock rubber grommets which have to be swapped out for the switch and of course a wrench for the four acorn nuts and in my case, since I had the extended headlight bezel, I had to remove it so that the passing light/turn signal bar could clear enough to remove the rubber grommets. No big deal for me simply because I do not intend on removing it but on very very rare occasions and in that instance a 10 minute job is no big ordeal. For those wanting a truly quick detach this may not be your fairing. It is a very tight fit and it took some pulling and pressure to get the fairing into the metal slots and dropped down on the top mounts. I guess this is good in a way because it doesn't budge a bit and it as firmly mounted as can be possible I think. I was impressed by the strong mounting brackets.

Another reason I chose this fairing is that I liked the blank space above the radio. It can give so many options for gauges to mounting options for other necessities. One of my main needs is an ideal centered place for my GPS. This made a centered inline sight location possible and I'm thrilled with it. Some may chose other ways to utilize this blank space or none at all but my main desire is satisfied.

Although a beautiful three pouch windshield bag package is offered through Hoppe they drop down so as not to obstruct the windshield and the center one covers the blank space I wanted to utilize for the GPS mount. So I went to look at the Harley three pouch system. Unfortunately they don't use the windshield holes to mount like I had thought but the bracket clips around the inner fairing by the windshield. I did find a larger center bag at the dealership that was really nice. The only problem was that it was so big and protruded so far that it interfered with the satellite reception for the GPS. I find pouches indispensable for quick access to items like cell phones when charging, sunglasses when it gets dark in a hurry, toll road slips, just all kinds of handiness access. So, I had no choice but to devise something. I took my three pouch Harley windshield bags from my old stock set up and cut the two outside bags mounting shelf with a dremel, touched up the cut marks with flat black and mounted them on each side using windshield screws. Works out well. Not sure if this is the final on this but it works and looks good to me.

I would say that having two extra windshield mounting holes has plus's and minus's. Although a standard Harley windshield or after market can be used, it calls for drilling the two extra holes. The two extra holes are intended for that little extra firm mounting. There is no way for this shield to come off without removing them because they are not slotted but actual holes. I can say that this is a very firmly mounted windshield with the chrome bolts going completely through the outer, shield and acorn nuts on the inner. I chose the stainless steel scull windshield trim as an option and it looks great!.

The fairing front comes off pretty easily. Two allen bolts on each side and the windshield bolts and it is off. Because I removed it to drill the hole for the GPS cradle mount I was able to look around inside. The wiring is very professionally done. I notice that the radio is completely shielded from water bottom and top. No water seepage through windshield slot or from bottom can touch it at all. Well done!

The better looking 08 and later adjustable air deflectors will work and fit the conture nicley. But, the inner fairing does not come ready to accept them for sure. After holding a new pair up to the fairing I notice the five points for the screws presents no problem but holes have to be drilled and a nut attached from the inside after removing the outer and later cannot be removed without splitting the halves again...no biggie there. Also on the plastic mounting frame it has to drop down ever so slightly to clear the two allen bolts that hold the inner and outer together so that the opening vent will clear the head of the bolt. Not but a smidgen but be aware if anyone chooses to do the install. I will report back if and when I ever find the time to install mine.

In all I am very happy with the looks and quality of this fairing. There are many others out there to consider and all have certain appeal to different people in one way or another. I'm sure if I would have chosen one of the other top leaders in the market I would have found other plus's and minus's but thought I'd share with this board some of the things I found on the one I ended up buying for those who wanted some info or opinion.

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Old 08-21-2008, 05:02 PM
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Thanks for the review.Your fairing looks awsome!
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Old 08-21-2008, 05:03 PM
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Nice review. Looks good brotha!

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Old 08-21-2008, 05:17 PM
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I like the two pouch system you have ;-D I think it is very sharp, and a really good job on the GPS placement! Congrats!
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Old 08-21-2008, 05:35 PM
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Looks Great, glad you like it. Time to ride

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Old 08-21-2008, 05:37 PM
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Nice, I know the man that did all the R&D work on that. He's parted company with Hoppe, but I'll send him a link to the post.
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Old 08-21-2008, 08:42 PM
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You forgot one thing in your review, did it improve the ride quality of the bike as far as wind blast. I couldn't give a hoot about the gadgets it comes with. Did it improve the ride quality???

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Old 08-21-2008, 09:08 PM
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Sounds like you like your Quadzilla as much as I like my Dead Center Fairing. Both quality products. The lock issue was the key for me. But I do love the look and ride provided with the fairing. Thanks for the review. CCRyder
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Old 08-21-2008, 09:28 PM
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Jag, ride quality in what way? Over stock Road King windshield? Without any protection from wind and elements at all? I guess I have been riding behind fairings and windshields for so many years that I forgot all about posting that. I will say that a properly sized windshield whether fairing or windshield is so important. The fact that the shield of either takes so much stress off of your body that at the end of an all day ride you can feel the difference on your body feeling much more refreshed than if you'd been battling the wind forces without. Your neck, shoulders, back, arms, everything will feel much less tired and painful from day after day touring. I guess if the question being does the fairing make a difference over just a windshield the answer is yes battling the cold elements especially but I can't give you that answer with this fairing since I have not owned it during the winter. But, it has a slight winter advantage and with the adjustable deflectors installed it can even add more cooling during the summer months with wind directed at you but I haven't installed mine yet. I think in general there are thousands here who own a batwing who can answer the ride properties as well as I can. They all are shaped alike and add basically the same protection from wind and elements whether after market or not. I guess in extremes like the two hailstorms I went through not many years ago my knuckles would have appreciated the hand coverage. I am no rookie when it comes to fairings. My first fairing was a Ranger fairing shaped similar to a Harley fairing on a Honda CB350 when I was 15 in 1969. I spent the summer touring the state of Texas with that one. I'll include a picture just for grins.

Click the image to open in full size.

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Old 08-21-2008, 11:27 PM
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Great review and thanks for sharing this with us.
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