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2009 Road King Exhaust Header Pipe Upgrade - True Duals or Keep Stock?

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Old 09-05-2009, 12:49 PM
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Default 2009 Road King Exhaust Header Pipe Upgrade - True Duals or Keep Stock?

I have a new 09 FLHRC.

At the recommendation of a friend I had some upgrades installed a couple days ago (race tuner, high-flow intake, and Bub-7 true duals).

The overall upgrade performs great, but I'm disappointed in the exhaust. It sounds and performs well, but the Bub's changed the exhaust routing which I didnít want.

Most of you probably know that Harley redesigned the frame and exhaust in 2009 for the RK line. The new exhaust design routes the left-side pipe under the frame instead of along the left side near the riderís leg. This new design makes a big difference in the exhaust heat noticed by the riders. This is one reason I bought the 09 instead of a good used 08 RK.

I didn't realize the Bub true duals would change this. Now the exhaust is routed the same as 08 (and earlier models). The added heat is really noticeable. Experiencing the before and after effect makes it really stand out. I want it back like it was... nice and cool.

So it's going back in on Wednesday to have the exhaust changed again. The dealer recommended this time that I go with the Vance & Hines true duals. Their header design preserves the new 09 exhaust routing. I'll Use Rinehart slip-ons which supposedly look and sound exactly like the Bub's (chrome slash-cut).

My only concern with this other true-dual system is the header pipes are an over/under design on the right side before routing under the frame for the left side. Looking at the pictures Iím hoping there isnít a ground clearance issue (see: http://www.vanceandhines.com/product...sserduals.html)

I've also heard that there's very little improvement (none?) in performance between the stock header pipes compared to the 09 Vance & Hines Dressers.

Does anyone know if this new setup will have clearance issues or if there's any performance benefit?
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Old 09-05-2009, 01:04 PM
emwolb emwolb is offline
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mine is an 08 sg, so it does not do the crossover under the bike like yours. i have been using rinehart slip ons on my last three harley big twins. i would consider the D&D fatcat with the quiet baffle as the only alternative that i'd like. the rineharts got the sound, the deep thump, and by using the stock headers, you'll have it the way it was stock, with an increase in sound obviously, but will be much cooler because of your 09's routing. the best of both worlds in my opinion.
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Old 09-06-2009, 03:12 AM
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i have the vance+hines tru duals on my 09 electraglide with the monster ovals
love the way the tru duals sound with these mufflers
like to have fun in the twisties and have had no issues with the header pipes touching down
have ....however touched down twice with the monster ovals......just a leetle scratch
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Old 09-06-2009, 08:15 AM
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i dont think ground clearance will be a problem. just dont go over any curbs,
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Old 09-06-2009, 01:07 PM
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there is no performance improvement going to true duals 0n an '09. you'll actually lose a little bottom end. the reasons to go with true duals is sound, looks and according to some, heat reduction.
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Old 09-06-2009, 04:10 PM
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I have an 09 EG and installed the V&H power duals with the V&H ovals.... the look and sound is dead on.... as for performance, I can't tell a difference between stock and the way it is now. I used their fuel pak and plan on going to the PCV to see if it picks up any more low end. No heat issues stock or the way it is now.

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Old 09-06-2009, 05:30 PM
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Two notes here.

First, the Rineharts on the stock '09 system sound wonderful. My neighbor has this set up and it's what I would do. It's not the thump-thump of true duals like I have now, but it's an awesome sound.

Second, I notice on the VH TDs that the front cylinder goes out the right side and under to the left side and seems very long, much longer than the rear cylinder. Even thought the right side is not lower than the frame, it is wider and would seem to me to be closer to the ground when leaning over. Which would 'seem to be' some loss of clearance.

Just something to ponder.


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Old 09-06-2009, 06:01 PM
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Why go with true duals when the low end lack of performance is a given? Why not go with a decent 2 into 1 that will perform better....as well as keep the hot pipes away/below you, and solve your clearance problems? Sound isn't everything unless your ego warrants it. If you're going to be running ***** to the wall all the time you may want the true duals. If you're trying to put together a comfortable, decent running bike, a 2 into 1 will net you some performance gains, keep the heat away from your thighs, and solve any clearance issues. It isn't rocket science. Harley rerouted the exhaust because everyone was bitching about the heat, especially for passengers. It was an improvement over pre-2009's, but now you have clearance issues. Give a little here and sacrifice a little there. A nice 2 into 1 solves all your problems, if you are a 2 into 1 type of person.
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