2018 Sturgis Rally Attracts Famous (Political) Party People

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2018 Sturgis Rally

No, this duo didn’t really show up at the Sturgis Rally. But they sure are drawing one heck of a reaction!

If there was one thing we were sure of about the 2018 Sturgis Rally, it’s that we were going to see some bizarre and downright crazy things. But one of the strangest sites we’ve laid eyes on so far is the abundance of political figure impersonators on hand. That includes a very lifelike Donald Trump impersonator, which the Daily Mail spotted mingling with the massive crowd and presenting one heck of a photo op.

The prez was joined by none other than North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, who seemed to be in good spirits following the pair’s recent historic meeting. And in this case, he didn’t even need much to pull off the look. Just a monochrome outfit and, of course, a terrible haircut. The duo are reportedly there on behalf of a marketing company dubbed RxAttract. And so far, we’d say they’re doing a fine job of marketing.

2018 Sturgis Rally

With a substantially larger 2018 Sturgis Rally crowd in attendance, you can’t blame them for seizing the opportunity. And while every other media outlet has used this promotional appearance to unfairly generalize that all Harley folks are affluent, Trump supporters, we’ll just take it for what it appears to be on the surface, and that’s a wisely-timed marketing stunt.

Heck, you have to find this whole thing at least a little bit funny. Judging by the reactions of those in attendance, they sure do. And that’s what the Sturgis Rally is all about. Putting your personal differences aside, uniting for our love of all things motorcycles, and just having a good time!

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