Best Harley for Passenger Seeking Smooth Ride?

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If you ride two up frequently, your passenger’s comfort is probably a hot topic. But which Harley is best in that regard?

For many of us, riding a Harley isn’t necessarily about comfort. Some of us are hardcore, and could care less about things like vibrations and soaking up the bumps in the road with our, uh, rumps. But even if you’re this kind of tough guy, perhaps your passenger doesn’t feel the same way. Maybe he or she prefers a smooth ride over something that’ll leave you bruised on the backside. Such is the case with H-D Forums member Flufebunekilr, who’s seeking a new comfy ride for that very reason.

“My lady does not like the vibration of my Evo Softail when I cruise on the highway. She does not enjoy it really at any speed over 60 mph. I am looking for the smoothest ride two-up @ 80 mph.

My options are:
1) 107 Milwaukee 8 Heritage Softail
2) 103 Twin CamB Softail
3) 103 Twin Cam Lowrider

1) Which Softail is smoother at 80mph, 103 Twin CamB or the 107 Milwaukee 8?
2) Which is smoother at 80mph, the smoother Softail or the 103 Twin Cam Dyna?”


It’s a pretty simple question, for which DanRC has a rather simple answer.

“Switch to Touring.”

Of course, it isn’t always that simple, right? Instead, big papa AZ suggests a more scientific approach.

“Take your wife for some test rides. See what she likes. I doubt any of these guys know what vibration your wife finds acceptable @ 80 mph.”


Quite funny, but also quite true. But the vast majority of those who chime in support the Touring switch.

“This and make it a Road Glide if you do long distance interstate travel,” says L88. “Much less buffeting for the passenger.”

“My wife was very uncomfortable on my Low Rider,” added Andrewwayne. “Got an Electra Glide and she loves it. Wish I had went to touring bikes sooner.”

“Same here,” said Bubba Zanetti. “I owned two Sportys and a Super Glide before I got my first Touring bike. My wife probably had less than 200 miles combined on the Sportys and Super Glide. Then I switched to an Electra Glide and she was on that bike more in the first two weeks than she was on the others the entire time I owned them.”

In the end, the OP eschewed this advice and decided to go with a new Softail. But we want to know what you think! Head over here and tell us which bike you (or your passenger) finds the most comfortable at speed.

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