Cool Gear: Biker Rings Show Off Your Inner Badass

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Biker Rings

Biker rings: because your accessories should be as cool as your Harley.

A big part of the Harley-Davidson lifestyle these days isn’t just about buying the right bike. You’ve got to look the part as well. After all, when was the last time you saw a guy wearing those bright colored shorts with lobsters on them tooling down the road on two wheels? No sir, you need to project your inner badass when you ride your hog. You don’t want folks to get the wrong idea.

That’s why Harley-Davidson has become such a successful clothing brand in addition to a maker of motorcycles. But if you’re the type that likes to wear shiny stainless steel gear to match your chromed-out ride, where do you turn? Turns out, there is a company that makes jewelry specifically for bikers — and their selection of biker rings are supremely cool.

Biker Ring Shop makes all sorts of other awesome accessories as well, from wallets to guitar-pick holders and belt buckles, all of which feature impressive levels of detailing. And of course, the theme of every piece that Biker Ring Shop sells is geared toward the same kind of folks that enjoy our rebellious lifestyle. So, you’ll find plenty of monstrously cool-looking skulls and other things guaranteed to scare your grandma.


‘It takes a special kind of confidence and swagger to ride a Harley, and the perfect look can provide a fantastic way of showing how much you love this lifestyle.’


“It takes a special kind of confidence and swagger to get out and ride a gorgeous motorbike like a Harley-Davidson,” says Biker Ring Shop. “And it is amazing how much of a difference just one accessory can make when it is the right piece used in the right way. Finding the right clothing and accessories can add a great deal of joy to any Harley-Davidson rider’s life. As well as keeping you comfortable and relaxed, the perfect look can also provide a fantastic way of showing how much you love this lifestyle.”

Biker Rings

The company’s goal is to “depict boldness, designs and motif to impart attitude with freedom.” And judging by the looks of the pieces on their site, we’d say they’ve accomplished that.

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