Custom Harley Road King: Underused Beauty

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Road King

We often wonder why folks buy bikes and then never ride them. But in this case, maybe it’s not such a bad thing!

While we often think of both cars and motorcycles as methods of transportation, there are obviously stark differences between the two. One of the most interesting is how they accumulate miles. While most people happily rack up tens of thousands of miles a year on their passenger vehicles, bikes don’t come close to covering those kinds of distances. Mainly because, well, they just aren’t as viable a method of transportation in some cases.

But what would possess someone to ride less than 2,000 miles in a decade? That’s the question we have for the owner of this sweet Harley Road King!

Harley Road King

To be exact, the 2008 model bike has only accumulated 1,854 miles in its ten years of existence. And that seems like a real shame. After all, this is a comfy cruiser, not exactly like the hardcore bikes of the olden days. Not only that, but it’s a real beauty deserving of more attention. The burnt orange and black Road King has been converted to a Street Glide look, and what a look it is.

We can’t say what possesses folks to buy/build cool bikes and then never ride them. Perhaps the previous owner has a legit excuse. Maybe they own a massive collection of cool rides and just don’t have time to rack up miles on all of them. Perhaps they work a lot of hours. More likely, they just didn’t give this old hog the love it deserved while it was in their possession.

Harley Road King

Whatever the reason, there is an upside to this story. The ultra clean Road King is now seeking a new owner via Carlisle Auctions. And wherever it goes, the new owner is getting a sweet, barely used bike in nearly perfect condition. Let’s just hope they ride it more than 185 miles a year from here on out!

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