Motorcycle Seats: Best Assets for Your Ass

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Check out these amazing seats that you’ll almost feel bad sitting on.

When you buy a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, you are hoping to make that machine an extension of who you are. You pick the color that you think best suits you. You choose the model that feels best for how you want to ride. So, why not choose a seat that is truly custom and shows everyone that you take pride in your ride?

We have scoured the Internet looking for the coolest, most badass seats we could find. These five seats show that you don’t just have to sit in comfort, you can also sit in style. The craftsmanship and care put into these seats are astonishing. These aren’t just places to rest your butt, these are full-fledged works of art. However, yes, you can still rest your butt on them.

The Skull

Back in black,
I hit the sack,
I’ve been too long, I’m glad to be back…

Bold and unique without being overbearing or pretentious, this stunning motorcycle seat simply screams badass. If you’re riding around town on a head-turning Harley that has a skull and alligator-esque material on its seat, you are pretty much announcing to everyone you pass that you are not to be messed with, or there’s gonna be trouble.

Even though it is probably the most simple design of the five we’ve chosen, rest assured that this is no simple project. The way the leather is made to look like alligator skin certainly isn’t a simple procedure, and the artisan did a magnificent job of making each tiny detail, crack and ridge really stand out. Plus, we all know that the simplest designs, like the skull, can turn out to be the most difficult to bring to life. The choice of contrasting textures of the material used, and the skillful stitching and placement are in a word: flawless. And freakin’ cool as hell.

This stellar custom seat was spotted at a recent Memorial Day event in Texas, and it instantly stood out. The bike the seat is attached to is a pretty great

The bike the seat is attached to is a great motorcycle to begin with, but with the added badassness of the seat, the bike enters a whole new level of amazing.


Chica Caliente

This handmade seat is one of the more unique seats you will find. Featuring the Chica Caliente that is front and center, you can see exactly the work and creativity that was put into this incredible seat.

Clearly, the art is reminiscent of a tattoo that is perfectly reproduced in the leather. The little bits of turquoise coming through in the details, courtesy of the lizard skin inlay, add just enough color that anyone who sees the seat will automatically be drawn to it.

Also, the different shades of color brought to the leather meld perfectly and really make the raven-black hair and bright white clothing of the Chica Caliente pop even more.

The extra flourishes around the edge strfaegically bring the whole piece together without overpowering the pistol-toting badass at the center of the design.

Unfortunately, if you want to buy this seat, you’re out of luck. This was for sale on the artist’s Etsy page, but has already been sold. But we are certainly looking forward to more.




There are certain pieces of art that you look at and you instantly know that there was blood, sweat, and tears put into it. This seat is an example of that type of art. One glance at it and it’s clear that the artist spent hours going over every inch making one of the most beautiful motorcycle seats you could imagine.

The seat’s overall distressed look, combined with the brilliant splashes of turquoise truly make the seat look like it’s 150 years old, but still modern.

The artist, Freddy Marino Sheppard, talks a bit about his process on his website, where he does all sorts of custom leather seats and artful bike mods, including recovering seats, metal engraving, and custom paintwork.

The seats are all obviously handmade, but to get his designs as precise as possible, Sheppard made his own carving tools. There’s also no tracing or computer drafting done prior. This guy is the real deal when it comes to transforming something ordinary into something extraordinary.

Sheppard’s precision for crafting the perfect original seat for his clients is more than surface deep. He also ensures that no matter what size or shape of seat he is working with, all mounting bolts for pivots and springs are welded into the specified dimensions provided by the bike’s owner.

“Each piece I do is original, designed as I go along and drawn straight to the leather and then tooled out,” says Sheppard in the bio on his site. “I am always striving to become a better artist, create my own style and do it with a sense of pride in each and every piece.”


El Pistero

The El Pistero will dominate any bike it is put on. You could be riding on the most badass Harley in the world, but the first thing folks will want to talk about is the seat, and you can’t blame them. Even if you just had the main seat component on its own, you’d have a pretty amazing work of art under your butt.

However, that’s just a portion of the overall design. The sides of the seat come down further, showcasing a knife holster. The back of the seat resembles a bandolier, with bullets added for effect. None of this overshadows the gunslinger on the main portion of the seat and the skulls that accent the rear section.

This badass seat comes courtesy of Red Beard Leather, a custom leather shop that makes tons of incredible original pieces, including some badass biker wallets. Pricing is not listed, but rest assured, riding around on a seat like this is truly priceless.


Speed Metal Sleds

The final seat on our list is perhaps the most unique of the bunch. Ditching the leather altogether, this motorcycle seat decides to go in a completely different direction.

Your eyes do not deceive you, this “Speed Metal Seat” seat that we spotted on Pintrest is all metal. Ditching comfort for style might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you get a chance to put this seat on your bike, you might reconsider a cushioned ride.

The real star of the show is the filigree that makes up most of the overall design. Sure, there are no skulls, guns, or hot ladies on this seat, but it’s still a badass work of art.

These five seats are the ones that stood out the most to us, but there are hundreds of amazing seats out there.

Plus, with the amazing custom artists out there, the seat of your dreams is just waiting to be created!

After looking at these intricately crafted seats, how could you be okay with sitting on a stock seat anyway?





Charles Dean is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and Rennlist, among other auto sites.

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