‘Ghost Rider’ Movie Bike is Hot

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Custom flamed stunt Sportster has aged better than Nic Cage.

Surely you remember Nicolas Cage in Ghost Rider in 2007? Does the trailer jog your memory? Well, here is your chance to pick up a piece of movie history, and likely for not a lot of money. In the movie, Cage played “Johnny Blaze,” a motorcycle daredevil stunt rider who favored Buells, or when riding on the street, a stretched out Captain America-style chopper. When he became the superpowered “Ghost Rider,” he rode a flaming chopper made out of chrome, fire and bones. The bike for sale is none of those.

What we have here is a 2003 Harley-Davidson Sportster 883 dressed up to look like the XR750 stunt bike Evel Knievel used back in the day. In the movie, this was the bike Johnny’s father rode and jumped in a flashback scene. This bike is labeled “stunt bike 8” and has just 365 miles on it, so chances are it was a backup bike not actually used for any of the jumps. Here is one of them in action though.


This piece of B-movie history is being auctioned off next weekend by Leake in Dallas, and you can find all the details here. Details are sparse, but if you can get it at a decent price, it shouldn’t take too much to make a street legal flat tracker out of it, and have the coolest 883 Sportster in your town — maybe even in the county or state.

Bryan Wood is a longtime car and motorcycle enthusiast who writes for Harley-Davidson Forums and Corvette Forum, among other auto sites. Plus, he runs his own blog, Pilez & Driverz.

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