Harley-Davidson Building Motorcycle Training Course in Wisconsin

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H-D Wisconsin training course

Riders in Wisconsin can shop for a Harley and hit a riding academy in one spot. 

Wisconsin Harley-Davidson in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin has come up with an innovative way to introduce new riders to the Harley experience. The dealership is building a motorcycle training course on the grounds so people can learn how to ride motorcycles on-site. New riders can participate in a riding and safety course at the riding academy, as well as getting certified for their motorcycle license. The Wisconsin Harley-Davidson location will boast the first on-site training course of its kind in the Milwaukee area.

Wisconsin Harley-Davidson Owner and General Manager Robert Moakley told GM Today that in this case, necessity was the mother of invention.

“We were originally using the old YMCA…but the city is in the process of selling that and so that is what drove us to move to this location,” said Moakley. “This was the only option to add a full size range for our riding academy program.”


Another added bonus to the course is that riders will have an easily accessible and large place to get in those very valuable hours of motorcycle practice.

“Every instructor, every coach in class that I’ve ever seen or sat in tells these students at the end of class that ‘You’ve passed. You have your motorcycle endorsement. You know how to ride a bike around a parking lot. You need to practice more,’” Moakley said. “We will make the range available off hours for students to practice as much as they want after they’ve taken the class and if they have passed it. We will allow them to borrow the training bike and hone in the skills before going on the road.”

The new riding course is set to open in August.

S.J. Bryan is an editor with Ford Truck Enthusiasts and regular contributor to F-150 Online and Harley-Davidson Forums, among other auto sites.

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