Harley Davidson to Offer a Factory Dual Front Wheel Trike?

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Rising fuel costs have caused growth in unique areas of the
transportation market, and motorcycles offer a far more exciting alternative to
an egg-shaped, battery powered foreign car. 
Some companies have begun offering more “everyone friendly”
alternatives, such as the Can Am Spyder (pictured on the right), which is
marketed as a roadster, but is little more than a sport bike with dual front
wheels for ease of use.


While certainly not in the same league as a Harley, this
bike has given people an alternative and in seeing the popularity, there is a
chance the HD could be debuting a trike concept at a large show later this year
in Cologne, Germany.  Many had expected a more typical setup with
dual rear wheels and a single front wheel, but the rumors suggest that HD will
be releasing a dual front wheel layout to compete with the market currently
controlled by the Can Am Spyder.


It has also been reported that rather than the common 45
degree air cooled engine used in most of the Harleys, the new trike concept
could be powered by a liquid cooled, 90 degree Revolution V-Twin.  Again, while these are all rumors, we should
see in the next few months what Harley Davidson has in store for the ever
changing motorcycle market.

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