Harley FXRT 1340 Sport Glide Is a Rare Road Eater

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Harley FXRT

Harley really hit the sweet spot with its do-it-all FXRT. But this surviving beauty is still one of only 126 built in 1985.

Harley has long been a company that struggles to strike the perfect balance. Far too often, they’re criticized for building the same old thing, over and over again. And when they do try to do something different, they’re often lamented for that, too. But when H-D does hit the sweet spot, oh how sweet it is. That can certainly be said about the fine mix of tradition and innovation that was the early to mid-80s Harley FXRT.

Upon its arrival, the FXRT featured the latest and greatest in Harley refinement. It had the rubber-mounted V-Twin, the latest H-D frame, and a 5-speed transmission. Not to mention an adjustable air suspension, hard saddlebags, and new anti-dive system. But despite those changes, its engine was the same old, beloved 45-degree lump that had received only modest improvements and changes since the late ’70s.

Harley FXRT 1340 Sport Glid

The Harley FXRT was a surprisingly strong performer and comfy long distance tourer, however. And yet, it didn’t sell in particularly strong numbers. In fact, this gorgeous 1985 model, which we spotted over at Hemmings, is one of only 126 built that particular year. It might also be the finest of that batch, too. Every single thing on this beauty is original, right down to the paint and chrome.

Harley FXRT 1340 Sport Glid

If you didn’t know any better, you’d think you were right back in 1985. Well, maybe minus the questionable wardrobe choices you made back then and the kink in your back that plagues the older you today. And this gorgeous Harley FXRT also comes equipped with a host of Screamin’ Eagle accessories, which make that strong 1340cc V-Twin even stronger. Altogether, it’s one fine surviving example of a bike that was clearly (and criminally) underappreciated. But we won’t make that same mistake twice!

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