Life Behind Bars: Harley Hater Faces Jail Time after Targeting Bikers

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Harley Police

Facing 10 years in jail, bitter Harley-biased man personifies the expression, ‘They hate us because they ain’t us.’

Apparently, some dude named Joseph Shreffler from Omaha, Nebraska, is a little bitter–and violent–when it comes to something he wants but can’t have: A Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Shreffler recently had a temper tantrum and tried to come after some bikers solely because they were wearing Harley t-shirts. Jealousy, it’s an ugly thing.

A group of bikers were hanging out in Council Bluffs, Iowa, wearing their Harley tees and gear when Shreffler (who we have to assume is both stupid and suicidal) decided to start some trouble. According to The Daily Nonpareil, police officers reported that “Shreffler seemed to be intoxicated and began making fun of their shirts, because they were all wearing Harley Davidson shirts.” Not a smart guy.

One of the bikers had enough, and called the police. Shreffler knocked his phone away, and then broke a beer bottle over the gentleman’s head. Seriously, dude?

Naturally, the group of bikers chased Shreffler, tackled him, and held him until police were on the scene. He was immediately arrested, and faces up to 10 years in the pokey if convicted. His victim is on the mend, but did require surgery after the bottle broke a bone in his face.


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Would you insult this man? Uh, no thanks. We don’t have a death wish!

Amazing the lengths some petty folks will go to when they can’t afford a Harley.

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