Harley Hearse Lets You Take Your Final Ride in Style

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Harley Hearse

Why not go out the same way you’ve spent your best years? This Harley Hearse lets you do just that!

Us Harley-riding folks tend to be a little, well, dedicated to our hobby. In fact, you’ll have a hard time finding any fanbase more passionate. We literally live, eat, and breathe everything Harley-Davidson. And if we’re not riding, we want to be. So it only makes sense that these same folks would want to go out doing what they love the most – riding alongside their brethren. And now, you can do just that. Thanks to this ingenious Harley Hearse.

Harley Hearse

Now, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen such a contraption. But it is the first time we’ve seen a Harley Hearse that allows your casket (or ash filled urn) to ride shotgun in a sidecar-like setup. The bike and casket-carrying combo was designed and built by Al Skinner, who offered final ride services in it until he retired in the early 2000s. But bikers seeking the same kind of arrangement can still do so through the Road King’s new owner, Charles F. Snyder Funeral Home in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

The funeral home purchased the Harley Hearse from Skinner back in 2003. Since then, they decided to spruce it up a bit. And now it’s capable of carrying an urn in addition to a standard casket. The modified bike continues to be a popular option for Harley lovers, but it’s also a popular attraction for everyone else. So far, the Harley Hearse has made public appearances in local parades and even an expo.

Harley Hearse

It’s not exactly pleasant thinking about that day when our time on this earth will end. But, as they say, planning is key. So before you let someone else decide to transport your remains in some boring Cadillac, you might want to go ahead and make some sort of reservation. Because who doesn’t want to go out the same way they lived – in style?

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