Harley Motorcycle Cop Shows Traffic Cones Who’s Boss

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Display of Handling Has Hooligans Fearful
by Jason Giacchino

It’s a common misconception among sport bike riders that the best way to shake a motorcycle cop atop a hog is to lead them into the twisties and outmaneuver “the man”.
However, this viral video has riders of all disciplines reconsidering the logic.

After a few dozen viewings we feel we’re qualified to present a few questions for thought.  Among these: where in the world did they get so many cones? How did this guy only get second place? And most importantly, what would happen if Ray, the cop from the Village People, tried to do the same thing?

All kidding aside, it’s a pretty impressive display of control considering the Harley Road King in question is likely close to 900 pounds.  One thing’s for certain, traffic offenders in that town better watch their mirrors!

Is this the best display of cone maneuvering you’ve ever seen? Voice your opinion here!

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