Harley V-Rod Trike Is One Unique Hot Rod Three Wheeler

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Harley V-Rod

Three-wheeled Harley V-Rod is every bit as unique as the bike it’s based on.

When the Harley V-Rod debuted back in 2001, it was a bit of a radical departure from the norm. So much so, in fact, that Harley teamed up with Porsche to develop its liquid cooled, dual overhead cam Revolution motor. Much like Porsche, Harley’s departure from air-cooled engines was not only shocking at the time, but quite controversial. But the fact that the V-Rod immediately became the most powerful bike in Harley’s lineup helped calm the storm a bit.

Harley V-Rod

The V-Rod, though gone now, did a pretty good job of luring buyers of other brands over to the Shield. And it only makes sense, given the bike’s groundbreaking and unique nature, that we would see someone turn a Harley V-Rod into a trike. The muscle bike isn’t a typical choice for this kind of platform, making this one of the few (if only) three-wheeled V-Rods in existence.

Harley V-Rod

We spotted the unique ride over at Gateway Classic Cars, where it clearly stands apart from the crowd. The conversion uses a Ford 8-inch rear end to hold a pair of large tires, which should be more than enough to get the bike’s 115 horsepower to the ground. The custom paint looks nice, too, with light grey flames laid down over a clean white hue. Throw in some LED lighting, and you’ve got one nice cruiser of a trike.

Harley V-Rod

It may seem a little unusual at first, but this Harley V-Rod trike actually makes a lot of sense. After all, if you’re physically limited to riding a three-wheeler, why shouldn’t you be able to ride what you want? If you crave the style and muscle of the V-Rod or just want to stand out from the crowd of factory-built trikes, this is the ride for you!

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