Harleys at Work: Ice Cream Delivery Vehicle

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You may have seen the Ice Cream Man From Hell selling his frozen wares from the back of his ’71 Servi-Car, but he wasn’t the first to use a Harley-Davidson to peddle ice cream.  In the 1920’s and 1930’s Harleys were often seen delivering all sorts of things, including ice cream, thanks to an option called the package truck.  Essentially just a box mounted on a sidecar frame, the package truck opened up a whole new commercial market for Harley.

The first package truck was available for the 1915 model year and could be purchased for around $70.  Harley encouraged customization from the beginning and would even add custom lettering to package trucks at the buyers request.  This soon evolved into custom package truck bodies in all shapes and sizes, making them into rolling advertisements.  The package truck proved so successful that Harley offered them until 1957.

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