How-to Wire Harley Davidson Handlebars Internally

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So, you’ve decided you would like a new set of handlebars on your
Harley-Davidson ride. You’ve opted for a more radical set that will give
you a better feel as you ride and a smarter look. Great. But what about
the wires that operate your turn signals and other electronics, which
run through the bars? These will have to be installed along with the new
handlebars. Fortunately, installing the wires internally is a
relatively simple process, which you can do yourself. If you plan to
install your new handlebars yourself, you can also install the wiring
harness yourself. The process is that simple.

Items You Will Need

You will require three items to complete this job:

  • masking tape
  • a pull chain
  • the wiring harness


Before installing the wires into your handlebars, you will have to
make some initial preparations.

  1. Pick a large wire on the harness that will serve as your “main”
    wire. You are going to be attaching the other wires to this wire before
    you pull the harness through the bars.
  2. One by one, use masking
    tape to attach the other wires to the main
    wire. Do this in a staggered pattern. In other words, first attach a
    wire an inch or so below the end on your main wire. Attach the next wire
    an inch or so below the second wire, and so on. In order to run all of
    the wires through the handlebars, you will probably have to make at
    least two “sets” of these wire bundles, each having two or three wires
    in the staggered pattern previously mentioned. Staggering the wires
    prevents there being a large “ball” of wires, which would have a
    difficult time passing through the handlebars easily and especially
    getting around abrupt corners.


  1. If you have not done so already, run your pull chain (no wires
    attached) through the handlebars by inserting it into the end of the
    handlebars and out the end of the bars.
  2. Now that you have your
    wires all setup, you will want to secure them
    to the end of the pull chain, which is protruding from the handlebar
    end. Do this in a staggered pattern also; in other words, attach one
    wire bundle on the end of the chain, then a couple of inches down from
    this bundle, attach the next bundle to the chain.
  3. Next, in a
    “push-pull” motion, pull the chain at the bottom of the
    handlebars with one hand; at the same time push the bundles of wires
    through the handlebars with your other hand. Push and pull the wires
    attached to the pull chain as many times as it takes until the wires
    come out the end of the handlebar.
  4. Do the preparation, and
    pulling through of the wires, for both sides
    of the handlebars.
  5. Now your wires are through the handlebar and
    you are done. You can
    remove the pull chain and begin to install your new handlebars.

After your new handlebars are installed and you have re-installed all
of the instrumentation, you have a new look and feel to your
Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Ride on!

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