Milwaukee Trolley Tracks Prove Challenging for Harley Riders

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Harley Street Car Track Problems

As if Harley enthusiasts don’t have enough hazards to worry about, trolley tracks pose yet another danger on the road. 

Harley enthusiasts already have enough hazards to watch out for. Distracted drivers, grass clippings, and other obstacles covering the roadway, you name it. But bikers visiting Milwaukee, Wisconsin recently for Harley’s 115th Anniversary celebration were faced with yet another, unique sort of hazard. Turns out, three of them have actually crashed while trying to cross the same section of Milwaukee Streetcar tracks.

One of the injured riders, John Rivera, told TMJ 4 News that his tire got stuck in the tracks while he was crossing them. “That trolley track took a hold of me and we went down. I got severe road rash.” And apparently his wife, who was riding on the back of Rivera’s Harley, got it even worse, spraining her knee and badly bruising her face.

The section of track in question is along St. Paul Avenue just west of Water Street. The city did put a sign in the area warning two-wheeled travelers to cross the track at a 90-degree angle. But many bikers rightfully believe that it isn’t enough to prevent accidents, especially for those visiting from out of town.

“There are some spots that are elevated so you’re forced to confront the tracks parallel,” said Jason Abraham, one of the lawyers representing Rivera and other victims. “It’s very easy to grab a motorcycle or a bike tire.” The law firm also wrote a letter to the mayor requesting that road be closed during Harley’s anniversary event.

Harley train car tracks

Obviously, the city won’t comment on any pending litigation. And it is difficult to find an easy compromise in this kind of situation. But we certainly hope they can figure out how to make these trolley tracks a little safer for bikers. After all, Wilwaukee is Harley territory and we have enough hazards to worry about as it is!

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