Naval Officer Completes Inspiring 2,000-km Harley Ride

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Lieutenant Commander Pooja Rajput says women can travel alone safely — especially Harley-riding badasses.

Navy Officer Lieutenant Commander Pooja Rajput recently completed a nearly 1,300-mile solo ride along the Indian coast on her Harley-Davidson Fat Bob motorcycle. Rajput tells Drive Spark that riding and photography are her passion, and that women shouldn’t be afraid to travel alone.

“You need to get out of the house,” says Rajput.”Sitting in your home and thinking that something would go wrong should not be on your mind. Go out and assess yourself on the road.”

Last month, from April 8-15, Rajput travelled along the Indian coast from Goa to Mangalore, Coorg, Muzhappilangad, Ooty, Coonoor, Calicut, Moodabidri, and Karwar.

Rajput tells Drive Spark that throughout the journey she met many people who encouraged her. “There were a lot of people who were very happy to see me. At petrol pumps, families would ask to be photographed with me.”


‘Riding through the roads in the wildlife sanctuaries was an experience in its own and cannot be described in words.’


Despite the encouragement, however, Rajput does admit that the trip did not come without moments of caution.

“When you are a woman riding on a 1600 cc superbike, it attracts lots of attention, and there are lots of curious people on the road who try to stop you, of whom you should be aware.”

Rajput tells India TV News that, “Some people are very rowdy on the road. A woman on a bike sometimes attracts a lot of unwanted attention. On a smaller bike maybe people just pass by, but I get noticed more because of my superbike.”

She also suggests that women should learn self-defense techniques. “I have a knife with me all the time,” she says. “I have an iron baton, and a pepper spray… All these things are in my jacket or my pants pocket.”

All in all, Rajput says the trip was an experience of a lifetime. “Throughout the journey, the narrow roads and small bridges which made for picturesque images were breathtaking. Riding through the roads in the wildlife sanctuaries was an experience in its own and cannot be described in words.”

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