Photo of Firefighter Arriving at World Trade Center on 9/11 on a Harley-Davidson

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Firefighter Tim Duffy arrives downtown on his Harley after first tower collapse, 9/11/2001.

It’s difficult for me to talk about the terrorist attacks that occurred 14 years ago on September 11th, 2001. Not because I was there (though I know several people who were), I just watched from home in horror. But I find it difficult to talk about because I don’t want to appear like I’m exploiting the tragedy for personal gain. However, this is not one of those posts, and this is not one of those photos.

Shared by J&P Cycles on Facebook earlier this morning, NYFD Tim Duffy is seen on his Harley-Davidson arriving on the scene in downtown New York City shortly after the collapse of Tower 1. It’s an impressive shot that accurately shows what many first responders had to go into on that day.

Unlike so many stories from the day, Mr. Duffy’s daughter shared that her father is alive and well on the photo’s Flickr page. Shortly after this photo was taken, Duffy dismounted his bike and ran into the stairwell of the south tower to try to save lives.

Motorcycles were almost a necessity that day, as traffic was brought to a standstill. The Harley was the right choice to quickly get downtown and into the chaos. Who knows how many lives Mr. Duffy saved that day, but thanks to his Harley it might just have been a few more.

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photo via [Flickr]

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