Stunt-Riding Harley Hottie Shows off Her Moves (Video)

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In a stunt industry dominated by men and sport bikes, ‘Crashtina’ isn’t afraid to take the hard road.

The world of the Harley-Davidson stunt rider is rather small, not to mention mostly dominated by the male species. The reasons are quite simple, after all. Stunt riding a Harley is pretty darn difficult because they are pretty darn heavy. But that didn’t stop Christina Billings, aka “Crashtina” from trading in her crotch rocket for a Sportster.

Billings has been stunt-riding motorcycles for a few years now, and it shows. She isn’t just one of the best female Harley stunt riders out there — she’s one of the best, period. Watching her flip her 500-plus pound Harley around with ease is nothing short of amazing. But this Jacksonville, NC, resident actually got her start on something even heavier.

You see, Billings is a certified horse trainer and riding instructor. And you have to believe that if she can get a real horse to do what she wants, she can do the same with an iron horse. Billings does just that, traveling the country and performing in both competitions and various Harley events.

Her signature move is what’s known as the “High Chair.” The stunt consists of popping a wheelie while her feet are over the handlebars. But in the video above, we get to see the talented lady perform a variety of stunts. Even one where she creates a nice little trail of sparks with her toe.

We’re just impressed by the fact that Billings decided to take the hard road rather than just stick with her lighter Kawasaki Ninja 250. She admits that she started stunt riding and made that switch for no other reason than the challenge each presented. Which, in our book, makes her the most badass Harley stunt rider out there — regardless of gender.

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