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Harley-Davidson Restoration: ’33 VL Transmission Rebuild

While my engine was off being rebuilt, I directed my attention to building a three speed transmission.    Over their 7 year production run, the V-series used three different transmission cases as well as three different gearing configurations.  The cases are fairly easy to tell apart, the main difference being how the primary is mounted. […] More »

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Harley-Davidson Restoration: ’33 VL Engine Preparation Part 2

Once the engine cases were finished, I moved on to cleaning and repairing the internal engine parts.  Where possible, I chose to replace worn out parts with new replacements from Eastern Motorcycle Parts.  These included the pistons, crank pin, pinion shaft, sprocket shaft, valves, valves springs and a variety of nuts, shims and washers.  Still, […] More »

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Harley-Davidson Restoration: ’33 VL Engine Preparation Part 1

This new series of articles will allow you to follow along with my 1933 Harley-Davidson VL build.  I’ll take you through the entire process of building an antique Harley-Davidson motorcycle, starting with bare engine cases and finishing with a complete running machine.  The goal is not to build a 100 point correct restoration that is […] More »

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