10 Best Motorcycle Jackets for Harley Riders

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From black leather to denim, and everything in between, we got you covered!

As any motorcycle rider knows, your gear is one of the most important purchases you can make, other than your bike. While some riders prefer to think protective clothing is optional, many believe it’s better to be safe than sorry. So, if you are going to wear protective gear, then why not make it stylish? The easiest way to add style to your gear is with an awesome jacket.

That’s why we have compiled a list of 10 motorcycle jackets that not only protect your body but also look pretty badass doing it. Not everything on this list is your typical “biker guy” jacket with black leather. There are all sorts of different Harley-Davidson riders, and for that reason, there are a ton of different motorcycle jackets!

Altimate City Jacket

Altimate City Jacket

Starting off the list is the Altimate City Jacket, a great, versatile jacket for those riders that want to look badass but also minimalist. There’s no fancy patches or elaborate zippers. The jacket gives storage options for your gloves and whatnot but also doesn’t bulk you up and make the ride uncomfortable. This is a great jacket for those Harley riders that want to wear a jacket but don’t want to be forced to take it off when they get to their destination. You can purchase the Altimate City Jacket over at Town Moto for $342.

Roland Sands Ramone Canvas Jacket


Not everyone lives in a climate where it gets really cold. For those riders that live in warmer weather but still want to have a little protection, the Roland Sands Ramone Canvas Jacket is the answer. We like the black version because, well, black looks pretty awesome. This jacket is perfect for those who want to keep it a little casual and don’t have a fondness for leather. You can also add armor underneath without adding too much bulk overall, but the canvas itself is abrasion resistant. Plus, there’s plenty of hidden pockets, including a sleeve pocket for money and other things you would need access to quickly. The Roland Sands Ramone Canvas Jacket runs $263 at Town Moto.

AGV Sport Sniper Jacket

Yes, this isn’t the type of jacket you would normally associate with a Harley rider, but you shouldn’t discount it altogether. The jacket might seem more suited for a sport bike, but it’s a great, nice-looking jacket that is perfect for those riders in cold climates. It’s warm, water-resistant, and stylish. It comes in a black and gray with various colored trim options. Leather is great and all, and canvas looks cool, but when it comes to bad weather, you need something that gets the job done. The AGV Sport Sniper Jacket is available over at Revzilla for $149.

Spidi Dirty Seven

Spidi Dirty Seven

Now, if you’re into a more classic biker look, the Dirty Seven by Spidi could be what you’re looking for. This isn’t some super-sleek sport bike jacket. This is an old-school black leather bomber jacket that makes you think that after you ride your bike you just might go fly a jet. The Dirty Seven is a good fit for those in colder climates, and for riders who just want to look like cool on their bike. The Dirty Seven is for sale over at Spidi for $599.

Iron & Resin X Vanson Leathers Mojave Jacket


The Mojave Jacket is another canvas item but looks more like a classic biker jacket than the Ramone option featured earlier. This jacket is meant to be strong but comfortable. Normally, we’d recommend black but the Field Tan option looks pretty slick. The best part about the Mojave is that it’s a great all-year jacket. It’s light enough to be perfect for a cool day but hefty enough to do well in the winter months as well. The Mojave Jacket is available at Iron & Resin for $495.

Spidi Firebird Jacket

Spidi Firebird Jacket

The Firebird Jacket is great for those riders who want to stay warm and comfortable on their Harley but also look great when they’re walking around. This is also a good option for riders who love the strength and feel of leather without wanting the typical black-leather-jacketed-biker-guy look. This is another jacket that dials back the zippers and all the bells and whistles, allowing for the sheepskin collar to stand out. However, on those not-so-cold days, you can easily remove the thermal liner for a more standard brown leather jacket look. The Firebird Jacket is available at Revzilla for $549.

Hot Leathers Vented Motorcycle Jacket

Hot Leathers

Let’s be honest, not everyone is built like a model. Some of us have a little extra weight around the midsection, but we want a jacket that feels comfortable and still looks great. The Hot Leathers jacket is an all-around jacket for those that like a looser fit. The black leather looks really awesome but also gives a little extra room around the midsection. Plus, the jacket is heavy enough to wear in all weather and strong enough that you won’t be concerned about safety. The Hot Leathers Vented Motorcycle Jacket is available on Amazon for $170.

Eclipse Motorcycle Jacket

Eclipse Motorcycle Jacket

If the Hot Leathers Jacket is the best value on the list, then the Eclipse is probably the most extravagant. Designed by Aether and constructed by Spidi, the Eclipse is a jacket that is made with style in mind. It looks great. The black leather gives a classic look, with a much more refined finish. While the price tag is double the next closest on the list, they do include armor built into the jacket. Of course, if you don’t want the armor built in, you can easily remove it for a more casual jacket. However, as we’ve mentioned, this isn’t a jacket for a Sunday rider. This is a jacket for an enthusiast that has a little extra cash to burn. It will cost a pretty penny, but you will definitely look pretty badass. The Eclipse Motorcycle Jacket is available at Aether for $1195.

3-in-1 Denim Riding Vest

Denim Riding Vest

Now, we couldn’t have a motorcycle jacket list on H-D Forums without a couple Harley-Davidson options. The first of our HarleyDavidson branded merchandise is the 3-in-1 Denim Riding Vest. The name of the game here is versatility. The Denim Riding Vest comes with the vest itself, which is denim, but it also comes with the fleece hoodie that can be worn underneath. When combined, the hoodie and vest allow the rider to feel comfortable, be safe, and look good. Plus, those who don’t want to feel like a Harley-Davidson billboard will like the fact that the branding is kept to a minimum. Also, it doesn’t hurt that this is one of the more reasonably priced H-D jackets on the market. The 3-in-1 Denim Riding Vest can be purchased from Harley-Davidson for $245.

#1 Skull Patch Leather Biker Jacket

Skull Patch Black Leather Jacket

Last, and certainly not least, is the #1 Skull Patch Leather Biker Jacket from Harley-Davidson. This is the jacket for those riders who want to look like an old school biker. There really isn’t much to say about this option. If you think the sport jackets are too flashy and silly looking, and you think the sleek, modern leather jackets are too minimalist, then you probably are going to gravitate to this. The #1 Skull Patch Leather Biker Jacket is the choice for someone who wants to look like a badass on the road and then scare the wimps out of the local bar. It simply screams Harley-Davidson. The #1 Skull Patch Leather Biker Jacket is available at Harley-Davidson for $425.

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