The AMD Custom Bike Building Competition at Sturgis

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2010 Modified Harley-Davidson 1st place, Shaw Harley-Davidson

AMD-modharley1st.jpgThe AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building competition takes place on the first Sunday of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in August. Guests can attend the show and see custom bikes, or even enter their own bike in the competition. But you’re going to want to know some things before you go.

The Overview

The competitions are supported by a slew of specially chosen official partners like Harley and other big names in the motorcycle realm. The competitions in Sturgis are a part of the world championships of custom bike building, which take place in over 20 different countries. Well over a million people attend these events each year.  This is a chance for motorcyclists to show off their bikes and get lots of ideas for bike design from all over the world.  The competitions push the boundaries of custom bikes for riders in the future.

2010 Freestyle 1st place, World Champion, Krugger Motorcycles

AMD-freestyle1st.jpgTypes of Bikes

There are four classes of bikes allowed in the competitions. Freestyle bikes are simply custom built bikes from the ground up. Any chassis platforms or drivetrains are allowed in freestyle. Modified Harley-Davidsons must maintain the stock Harley frame. Changes and additions are allowed for sheet metal, rear end, swing arm, and even frame lowering and rising, as long as the original Harley geometry is maintained. Internals can be replaced and superchargers can be added. The production manufacturer’s class is for those whose primary career is making motorcycles. You must provide information about the number of the prototype that you produce each year. You may be asked to give proof that you are a manufacturer. The final class is the performance custom class which covers a wide variety of enhancements and techniques.

2010 Metric Championship 1st place, Metric World Champion, Yuri Shif Custom
AMD-metric1st.jpgThe Competitions

The AMD custom bike building competition begins on Sunday and continues for four days during the motorcycle rally. The competitions are held at 3rd and Lazelle in Sturgis. Admission is free if you’re in town, or you can watch from the comfort of home on the AMD website. If you have a bike to enter, the cut-off date is August 1. You can register your bike by completing a form and submitting it to AMD via the internet or mail. Registrants are allowed to enter two bikes in the competitions.

2010 Competitions

The winner of the AMD custom bike building competition for 2010 was Binford Custom Cycles from Manteca, California. Binford won in the modified Harley-Davidson class. The bike was a 2004 Road King with a blue silver leaf paint job and hand engraving, done by Binford himself. The 131 inch Harley engine has 202 horsepower, and the bike has classic chrome detailing throughout. Binford made changes throughout the bike, as allowed, from the wheels to the exhaust. These changes, along with the unique style, made this bike the winner in this division.

2010 Production Manufacturer 1st place, Sbay Motor Co
AMD-production1st.jpgPhotography by Horst Roesler and Frank Sander

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