Video Shows Waco Twin Peaks Biker Shootout

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Do you remember the shootout at a Waco, Texas Twin Peaks restaurant earlier in the year that left 9 people dead? Well, CNN has now obtained video footage from the restaurant’s surveillance cameras that caught the entire incident on tape. Here’s a better glimpse of what happened the day that 9 people died and 177 bikers were arrested.

To check out the video, click here to pop open CNN’s page to give it a watch. We have included some screenshots of the event. Due to a gag order, it’s unclear how this video footage ended up in the hands of the media. It wasn’t released by the Waco police department.

The investigation is ongoing, and it’s unclear what exactly started the firefight be rival biker gangs Bandidos and Cossacks. All 9 who died were members of either one of the gangs, with 8 of them being Cossacks. Both sides claim the other is at fault. The Twin Peaks where the violence took place is now closed for business.

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