Vintage Harley-Davidson Stolen, Recovered 28 Years Later

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The Harley pictured above was stolen in St. Paul, Minnesota during a home burglary in 1985 and recovered by the California Highway Patrol earlier this month when a man brought the motorcycle into the CHP for a VIN inspection. The man who brought the motorcycle in apparently received it as payment for some work he did, along with hand tools, while still living in Minnesota and is not a suspect.

The original owner, Noble Handley, has been tracked down by the CHP, now lives in Wyoming and has begun making arrangements to ship the motorcycle back home. The motorcycle is a 1934 model 34C featuring a 500cc single cylinder engine, manual fuel pump and dual headlamps. The owner is reportedly, and understandably, ecstatic. We’re just glad that he’s being reunited. Hopefully, the CHP and St. Paul Police can track down the thief.

source: Hi-Desert Star

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