What’s Up in the Forums: Could Anything Make You Stop Riding ?

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As much as we love to ride, sometimes, life gets in the way. But could you ever hang up your boots for good?

The question itself seems somewhat preposterous. But as much as we love this hobby of ours, sometimes, life gets in the way. Sometimes our interests change. Other times, our life situation. Heck, even our aging bodies can demand it. The reality is, many people have considered hanging up their boots at least once in their lives, giving up their Harley for good.

DC4MVP is certainly in that group, sharing their own potentially life-changing situation in this thread. And it made us wonder, has anyone else ever thought about giving up their Harley?

“Just curious if anyone has had a moment where they thought about hanging up the boots. Maybe it was a close encounter, maybe you wrecked or a buddy wrecked, or you had a life event that made you think twice about jumping on the bike.

My moment came in 2012. We were waiting for a buddy in Stillwater, MN right on the Minnesota/Wisconsin border. We waited, and waited, and waited for maybe an hour and a half. No answer of the phone or nothing.

So we went on riding without him thinking he just was ignoring us. Later that night, we heard from a DOT worker and fellow rider who was on the scene that Scott was run off the road, crashed into a metal barrier, and killed on the way to meet us.

That one shook me up pretty bad and got me wondering if riding a bike with all these distracted drivers is even worth it anymore.”


As you might imagine, the range of responses varies greatly. Some, like Oko, have never wavered on their love of riding. No matter what happens.

“No. Even after hitting a deer and going to the hospital. I got back on the bike as soon as it was fixed. I worry more about age taking away my ability to ride my current dreadnought.”

For others, the only thing stopping their Harley obsession is a failed relationship.

“Didn’t have a cent or a pot to pee in after the divorce settlement,” recalls K9F. “As soon as I was able to buy an old car the bike went in the garage and was untouched for 9 years. Returned to it though with an eventual change of fortune and family. Guess the yearning and interest never actually leaves you once it is in your blood, metaphorically speaking.”

But for others, scary wrecks left marks in more ways than one. At least, temporarily.

“Yes, got caught up in a London taxi’s bumper and dragged around Hyde Park Corner (for those who know where I’m talking about),” says uklauren. “I managed to keep the bike upright, and eventually his bumper disentangled from my engine guard. Anyway, it shook me up enough to sell the bike to a friend’s brother. Then I got married, had kids, and forgot about riding for 27 years.

Started riding again almost 6 years ago when I dated a guy who had an Electra Glide and who came to pick me up on it one evening. By the time we reached the end of my street I decided I wanted to ride again.”

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