Why Do People Hate on Certain Harley Models?

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Harley LiveWire

Mention the FXDR or LiveWire on the Internet, and you’ll find some negativity. But why?

There’s no question that the internet is a wonderful place. A place filled with valuable information, fantastic resources, and the tools to connect with the entire world. But it’s also a place filled with hate, misinformation, and of course, trolls. And if there’s one thing trolls love to do lately, it’s hate on particular Harley models, especially new ones. Harley-Davidson Forums member GomezAddaams certainly isn’t the first person to notice this, but he is the first to call them out in this interesting H-D Forums thread.

“Being new to the Harley community, I notice there is a LOT of shade being thrown around for certain bikes. I purchased an FXDR in September. I thought (and still do) think it’s a pretty neat bike. That evening, I did a search for FXDR, and WOW! From the comments, you would have thought I married the daughter of the Elephant Man and Broom Hilda. After further research, I see the same thing with the V-Rod, LiveWire, and other future products.

So with that said, is there something that I am missing that maybe I haven’t been clued into? I get it, the internet is full of trolls and such, and it is easier to say things behind a keyboard. But I have been on a few rides and while most the folks are pretty nice, every now and then, you get a few dudes looking at your bike with disgust.”

Harley FXDR


We certainly get that not everyone is happy with the changes that Harley-Davidson is making right now. Hardcore Harley fans may not feel like the LiveWire is worth the cost, and maybe they think the FXDR is ugly. But why hate on people who actually like those bikes and enjoy them? Well, Cossack84 isn’t afraid to cut to the chase and share his opinion on this topic.

“What’re missing is there’s a bunch of salty old bags dissatisfied with their lives and taking it out the only way they can. Some Harley owners are the worst kind of people you will get the pleasure of meeting. MoCo realizes this and they’re trying to join the 21st century by updating their product line. What you are reading is an outburst of salty, left behind dust buckets complaining about being left behind.”

Above all, kngpn hits the nail on the head as far as we’re concerned.

“Everyone has different tastes. Ride what you want. I might say it’s not for me, but it’s good to see other riders out there enjoying riding.”


Interestingly, most everyone who chimes in here sides with the OP. So, even though the trolls have gotten our attention, they certainly aren’t the majority. And it’s nice to know that most Harley enthusiasts respect the fact that others will have an opinion different from their own, and that’s OK. But still, we want to know what you think. So head over here and tell us if all this hate is justified, or if you’re sick and tired of hearing it!

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