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AAWAV 02-06-2015 09:51 AM

"Bike" amp bench test results (initial batch 6 amps)
With the recent "changes/events" on this forum, I wanted to post my test results here as well...

I (finally) wrapped up 6 "bike" amps tests and here are the results...

First off, my thanks to:

to provide me with their amps for testing...

A couple of notes.

a. DISCLAIMER!!! results cannot be held against me LOL. Keep in mind your ears are different from mine or my dog... I have tried to stay with facts as much as possible and stay objective
b. my results regarding FM reception applies only to the amp I tested. so no guarantees
c. all tests are done ON THE BIKE, powered by the bike (while running). Overall amps will produce higher Wattage with higher input power voltage
d. when you dial in your amp, I STRONGLY suggest so doing this while the Bike Runs (Idle is fine). My tests have concluded that if you dial the amp in on the bike with the engine not running, the amp will distort/clip at the same volume level you used when setting the gains when you run your bike.
e. the actual RMS value was sitting between 2 values most of the times, so I could not get the EXACT value. Results are showing the lower value, no clipping. therefore the RMS Watt m (up to 5-10Watt, depending on amp)
f. PA RZ4-2000D IS THE SS PN4.520D ("identical") - so you know :smile:
g. I have no relationship with any of the Vendors of the below tested amps
h. It is a known fact that speakers are at least 50% if not more of your sound system... you can have a 10000 USD amp with crappy speakers and the system will sound like S....
i. I have worked with BT to find a reason why I could not read out the 2 ohm RMS Watt on both the BT2180 and 4180. We - Bill an I - are at a loss at this point in time as BT burns their amps in with a bank of resistors. Also, the amp does play very well on my 2 ohm speakers so it has to be something very specific.

Below the ("average") RMS Wattage results in no particular order - more details etc are in the attachments.
the value behind the amp name is the claimed RMS power at given impedance):

4-channel amps

BT4180 (180W @ 4 ohm; BT claimes unofficial ~220W @ 2ohm)
2 ohm: not measured - see test report for more details
4 ohm: ~150Watt

PPI P4.900 (225W @ 2 ohm)
2 ohm: ~220Watt
4 ohm: ~150Watt

PA RZ4-2000D (specs call out for 250W at 2 ohm, which is complete BS as we all know)
2 ohm: ~140Watt
4 ohm: ~91Watt

NVX NVPA4 (100W @ 2 ohm)
2 ohm: ~107Watt
4 ohm: ~62Watt

SS PN 4.1000D (250W @ 2 ohm; 150W @ 4 ohm)
2 ohm: ~237Watt
4 ohm: ~140Watt

2-channel amps

BT2180 (180W @ 4 ohm; BT claimes unofficial ~220W @ 2ohm)
2 ohm: not measured - see test report for more details
4 ohm: ~150Watt

RF T400x2 AD (200W at 2 ohm; birthsheet of amp showed 291 at 2 ohm)
2 ohm: ~260Watt
4 ohm: ~150Watt

Bottom line: none of the amps above (RZ4 is exception) are way off their specs... keep in mind the manufacturer probably uses different bench test tools and probably a stabilized power supply at 14.4V (or more) ...

Hope this helps all (or some) of you guys to make a decision now or in the future or confirm you made the right (or wrong LOL) decision.

the documents (PDF) can be found here:

All tests and some other freeware goodies like pink noice, mp3gain and kenwood audio editor

Munkee 02-06-2015 11:07 AM

Write up's are great. Thanks.

dgreen1069 02-06-2015 11:09 AM

That's awesome!!! Thank's for putting in the leg work for the rest of us. Another big thanks to those who donated their equipment for testing.

Looks like the Biketronics amp really is a monster! 150 watts per channel is VERY respectable!

Cheesehead_13 02-08-2015 03:35 PM

thank you!
Thanks to all of you who put this whole thing together! This kind of information is awesome.

Rock Woody 02-15-2015 09:38 AM

Thanks for the writeup! But a question for the uneducated... what is the PPI P4.900? Thank you!

z71_fourwheelin 02-15-2015 01:06 PM

Originally Posted by Rock Woody (Post 13709065)
Thanks for the writeup! But a question for the uneducated... what is the PPI P4.900? Thank you!

Rock Woody 02-15-2015 03:16 PM

Thank you. Wont' fit in the fairing so not on the short list for me.

AAWAV 05-09-2015 12:55 PM

New Test: Soundstream PN 4.1000D (4x250W @ 2ohm)
see link below...\
in a nutshell (input voltage was a tad low from my bike compared to other tests):
specs are correct, this is a beast and fits in up to 2013 Batwings.
Class D, so hit and miss FM reception.

SS PN 4.1000D (250W @ 2 ohm; 150W @ 4 ohm)
2 ohm: ~237Watt
4 ohm: ~140Watt

Current street Price: 180USD.
brother/sister of this amp, the PA RZ4.3000D, can be found online for 150 USD.
confirmed to fit in batwing fairing as well (Thanks Haze)

For me, this is the #1 amp I recommend if on a budget and want to run 6 or 8 speakers (keep in mind, when running speakers parallel, make sure you use 4 ohm speakers, like the Pioneer 6x9s, BTs, etc).

SS PN 4.1000D test results

dibe 05-09-2015 08:47 PM

Thanks for taking the time to test and write this up. There is some very good info in your report.

Missouri Snowman 06-21-2015 03:11 PM

what if your just running two speakers?

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