Milwaukee Eight (M8) 2017 and up M8 Air and Liquid Cooled discussion

M8 Production Date-Problem Correlation

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Hey People,

I realize there are a bunch of threads discussing problems/no problems with the Milwaukee 8's, and the depth of those problems. Plenty of discussion about dry sump systems not functioning as intended (obviously), transmission oil where it doesn't belong, clutch weirdness, among others. 'Upgrades' to early production (and later production) oil pump castings, and other inconsistencies (perceived or actual) to the communications from HD that these have more R&D/Testing than any predecessor.

I would like feedback from the M8 group, simple as this:

1) Model/Production Date (include day if you know it).
2) Purchase Date, and New or Used.
3) Current Mileage.
4) Modifications (to engine/ECM only, overall bike mods, while I dig them, are relatively inconsequential here).
5) Problems/No Problems, Engine/Drivetrain only (feel free to list, but no diatribes necessary).

I will kick it off...

1) '17 FLHXS 9/22/16.
2) 7/5/17, New.
3) 3800.
4) Street Eliminator Stage II parts, Power Cam, Pro Street Tuner, Ventilator Air Filter, Street Cannons.
5) None.

Nothing more than curiosity driving this. I obviously have an early build, and I am remaining positive that it continues to be a good one.


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'18 FLHCS 10/17
10/17 New
Box Stock
No problems
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2017 SGS
1950 miles
box stock
no problems

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Ultra Limited
Sept 16-2016
Sept 29-2017
Stage 3
Oil sensor went bad
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'17 Road Glide Special 10/2016
11/2016 new
stage III
sumped and cam failed. traded bike off for 2018

'18 Road Glide Special 8/2017
10/2017 new
K&N, S&S slip-ons, SEPST stage I
No problems
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17 FLHR built 8/11/16
purchaced 10/12/16
6652 miles
no mechanical alterations
no problems
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2017 FLHTK
Manufactured 04-2017
Purchased 10-15-2017 (5 miles)
2,950 miles
Bone stock

My problems...

1) Trans Oil Transfer
Transmission oil transfer in the neighborhood of 2-3 ounces/1,000 miles. I only have two data points at this point in time. I will continue to monitor it over the next several thousand miles to accurately quantify the amount of transfer and determine my course of action.

2) Engine Stalling
The engine idle speed is sometimes erratic, even to the point of engine stalling, when coming to a stop with the clutch disengaged. The problem is intermittent and has existed since initial purchase. I can go for a day or two without a stall, then the next time I ride it may stall.

There is no rhyme or reason. I can't point to any specific condition, i.e., engine temperature, ambient temperature, riding conditions, etc., that makes the stall more, or less, likely. It just happens sometimes and not others.

No DTCs.

I will say that this stalling issue is becoming less prevalent with time and miles. It has not occurred for the last 1,000 miles or so. My theory is that between the engine loosening up with miles and some ECM, TCA, and TPS "learning" process the issue may be resolving itself.

3) Final-Drive Belt Adjustment
Rear axle adjustment cam is at, or very nearly at, the maximum range of its adjustment. I’m not sure how many more drive belt adjustments will be possible. This should not be the case on a brand-new vehicle following the initial 1,000-mile adjustment.

4) Clutch Adjustment
I list this item for information only as it is not really a problem per se, but rather a design characteristic that many, including myself, dislike. The clutch engagement occurs much too far from the grip. There is way too much "dead space" when releasing the clutch lever until the clutch starts to engage. I modified my clutch lever by bending it until the clutch engagement was more to my liking (much closer to the grip) and reshaping the lever cam that actuates the neutral switch.

I don't consider any of the issues I listed as earth-shattering and given a little time I will either resolve or accept each of them.

That said, the issue that causes me the most concern is the belt adjustment... replacing that belt is not an easy task. I do have a couple of ideas though on how I could get more adjustment range by modifying the adjustment cams and/or the swingarm, if that becomes necessary.

Next up as for causing concern is the transmission oil transfer. It's manageable at its current rate but if it becomes worse over time that would be an issue.

Otherwise all is well.

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2017 Road King:

1) Production date 6/17
2) Purchased New: 7/3/17
3) Current Mileage: 2,600
4) Modifications:
SE Street Canons
K & N Airfilter
SE Street Tuner HD Stage 1 Download
5) Problems:
1- At about 1200 miles, had a ride on a flat bed to my dealer because it wouldn't start. They said the ground cable to the transmission was loose.
2- Intermittent won't start in gear. Sprayed some dry garage door lube into clutch lever switch area, and now seems resolved.
3- slight pinging under load since new. Dealer claims...can't reproduce. Inrunning 91 Octane 10% Ethanol, Shell or 76 Gas.

Other info:
Since the 1,000 mile service running: Amsoil in motor, HD Formula + in primary, BelRay in Transmission
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1) Production date 8/16
2) Purchased New: 9/17/17
3) Current Mileage: 17,604
4) Modifications: SE Street Canons,
SE Street Tuner HD Stage 1 Download
5) Problems: none, Awesome bike
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Production date April 2017
Purchase date July 2017
Current mileage a bit over 6K
Mods: V&H 400 eliminator slip ons
- First engine blew in mid September after about 5600 miles
- Second engine blew at about 5900 miles mid October (yes, you read that right, 300 miles)

Its sitting in my garage since I got it back from the dealer. My travel schedule and the weather haven't allowed me to put any miles on it yet. Planning to get out next week to putt around for a few miles.

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