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UltraKla$$ic 08-09-2008 01:08 PM


Originally Posted by rbabos (Post 3713131)
I've often wondered how all these links in a chain would always stack up to create uniform contact going over the sprockets. It's a tall order when you think about it. Most are close enough but it would seem that in your case the meshing wasn't great. Good thing to know about this as a possible noise maker. As for the comp, the rotor and extension shaft need to be in place to control end play. I recently cornered a very qualified tech about the comp and he hates it as much as I do. He recently got a chance look over the new heavy duty SE unit and according to him it has all needed features that are not in the stock 07-08 units. Since the majority of the stock comps work reasonably well no changes will likely take place, but the HD SE will be on mine if the stock ever craps out. So far it's been behaving itself.


What SE unit parts are you referring too? SE compensator? Enlighten me so I can check these parts in the parts manual to verify the differences and fitment so I will be armed with this knowledge. thanks

GAstreetglide 08-09-2008 01:53 PM

The thing that really bothers me is that my bike had excessive noise and vibration in the primary from the day that I bought it new. I took it back the next day and the service writer said the noise was normal and would likely decrease after about 3,000 to 4,000 miles. I told him that was a major crock of BS but it still took me almost two years to get the problem solved. The thing that constantly amazes me is that HD continues to design and build products that have obvious design defects and they get away with telling the customers everything is OK and that’s normal. Two good examples are the weak compensator and the Crusedrive (bucket of bolts) transmission. After reading the article in American Iron, I was amazed that any company the size of HD could design and build such a POS. There should be a recall on all 07 touring bikes to either install the IDS or replace the gear set with something like the Baker F6F. The compensators in all 07 and 08 bikes with the 96” motor should have the existing compensator replaced with the new heavy duty SE unit. I will likely install the new SE compensator once there is sufficient performance information to prove its worth. I’m also considering the Baker F6F or maybe the new DD7 but need to save a few more dollars for that upgrade, particularly the DD7 at about $2,800. Or maybe I’ll just wait until the 2010 models come out with the new and improved compensator and transmission. Who knows? The new SE Big Twin Compensator part number is 40274-08, fits 07-later Twin Cam models, price $249.95, available september 2008. Informatation is from page 513 in the new 08 motor parts catalog I received yesterday.

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