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harleyfiremedic 12-17-2018 09:18 PM

Riding in Canada from the states
Hello all,

Thinking about a trip up to the upper portion of MI (Mackinaw City) and the shortest route for me would take me through Canada from the Toronto area to Sarnia MI. I know that I will need a passport. What other things would I need to know about riding into Canada? My quick calculations would be I would enter and exit Canada in the same day.

Looking for any information that might help with the planning and execution of the trip.

Thanks in advance

IdahoHacker 12-17-2018 09:22 PM

Do not carry a firearm across the border.

Pulledmebackin 12-17-2018 09:29 PM

The speed limit signs are in kilometers per hour, not mph.

rwhisen 12-17-2018 09:30 PM

You won't be able to get in if you have had a DUI.

Kingglide549 12-17-2018 09:30 PM

A smart license is all you need.
Ski for the front tire, chain for rear. (This time of year)
No premium near Sue St Marie on the Candian side after you leave twn (I did not check your map)

artie2908 12-17-2018 09:48 PM

I made that trip last summer from Vermont. First night we spent in Kingston, Ontario from there we rode all the way to Sarnia/Port Huron. It was about 330 miles. Highway 401 was very heavy with truck and traffic in general. It got worse the closer we got to Toronto and we were not in rush hour. Decide bail out on 401 and take 407. It's called the ETR, Electronic Toll Road. Well, worth it. Very light traffic. We never got billed for it either. Got to the Blue Water bridge in sarnia which was very cool. Once again pretty backed up at the border. Took about an hour to get through. Spend the night in Port Huron. Next Day shot across to the west coast of MIchigan to Ludington. Spent the night. Next day headed north, rode thru the "tunnel of trees" nice ride. Spent the night just short of the Mackinac bridge. Crossed the next day in gorgeous weather. awesome views. We then toured the U.P. Pictured Rocks, Shipwreck museum, the Soo ship locks, overall nice trip. Great roads for riding except for 401-- that sucked.

Architect 12-18-2018 06:04 AM

No firearms or weapons of any kind.
When you pull up to the booth at the crossing, motor off, sun glasses off and present your identification. Be polite.
Know where you are going, specifically, name of hotel etc. or crossing back into the States etc. They will ask, more info makes you credible.
No drugs of any kind, prescription is OK if in the bottle, but still will be a conversation, better to not bring unless you need it.
Make sure your bike is insured for Canada, the used to request a "yellow" card which you can get from your carrier, rules may have changed, call your insurance company.
They will run your criminal record at the border and they will turn you back if you have priors they do not like, including a DWI. Bit of a hit or miss, I know guys that got through with old felonies and I know guys turned back for 30 year old teenage shenanigans. Rule one, do not lie to the officer at the booth, they have it all in front of them on the computer screen.
If you will be in a group or with a passenger, go thru this list with them as well. 5 out of 6 getting into Canada will screw up your plans. Everyone needs to be able to cross. They will question your passenger as well.

Did I mention no firearms?

Good luck, good riding up there but you need to be prepared for the border crossing, take it seriously.

Zedbra 12-18-2018 07:57 AM

Our CBSA (Canadian Border Security Agency) have taken it upon themselves to now deem folding knives that have thumb studs are now also prohibited to enter into Canada. This applies to all folders, switchblades have been prohibited for a long time. Basic rule of thumb with knives - if it can be opened with one hand, they have deemed it prohibited to enter into Canada, though our Federal laws allow them. Welcome to the new socialist era. Do not bring in any prohibited gun items - such as high capacity magazines for pistols or ARs, or any parts that enable full automatic on anything. Any prior arrests can deny entry, even if charges were dropped, the arrest in itself may make you inadmissible.

1plumr1 12-18-2018 08:13 AM

MIP will get you detained if not disclosed. It does stay on your record regardless of what you're told. DO NOT feed your horses before you go, alfalfa looks like pot to Canadian border agents (long story).

Lude-a-tick 12-18-2018 10:36 AM

Much of what was said above is true. The only exception would be the insurance thing. I live on the border between the U.P. of Michigan and Ontario and have never been asked about an insurance card. I think traveling through Ontario is much more picturesque than Michigan’s Lower Peninsula.

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