Ladies of SEMA 2011: 1

Going to SEMA is awesome, but for the course of the week, 99% of the people you’ll see are old fat dudes. Fortunately, the other one percent are girls being paid to be there, and Patrick Rall took their pictures. Meet the ladies of SEMA 2011! More Ladies of SEMA >>>>

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Hog Heroes: Leroy Petry

On May 8, 2008, Sergeant First Class Leroy Petry of the 2nd Ranger Battalion, United States Army was already wounded when he picked up a grenade and tossed it from the chicken coop he and his fellow Rangers were using for cover. He lost his hand in the explosion, but his efforts managed to save […] More »

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Hog Heroes: Elvis Presley

While I don’t think anybody on the Forum is going to agree with Christian Slater’s statements about Elvis in True Romance, it’s simply impossible to argue Elvis wasn’t cool. Elvis is more famous for some of his outrageous rides–anyone care for a pink Cadillac?–and the outrageous behavior that accompanied them–like shooting his Pantera when it […] More »

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Summer Guide: Harley Davidson Men’s Helmet

In some states it’s the law. In others it’s not. However you look at it, though, a motorcycle helmet is good protection to have in the event you dump your Harley. If you are going to wear a helmet, though, you should do it in style. Harley Davidson makes helmets that protect you and tell […] More »

  Comments | By - August 25, 2010

Summer Guide: Harley Davidson Women’s Boots

When it comes to motorcycle riding, boots are both a fashion statement and a necessity. A good boot protects your foot from the dangers that riding can present. Of course, you are not just a motorcyclist, but a Harley rider. That means not just any boot will do the job. Harley Davidson offers a line […] More »

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