The Birth of a Classic

1941 Harley-Davidson EL Knucklehead Sold for $34,100 Fun Fact: This model got its name from the polished rocker head covers. It’s also probably Harley-Davidson’s most famous–and popular–bike ever. The Post War Hero >>

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The Post War Hero

1923 Harley-Davidson Model 23 JS V-Twin With Factory Royal Tourist Sidecar Sold for $41,250 Fun fact: After 1916 Harley Davidson changed their nomenclature to represent the year they were built. Hence, the Model 23. The “J” denotes the engine (the Model J) where the “S” inidicates this model came with a side-car. Which is your […] More »

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VIDEO: How to Remove a Harley Davidson Battery

If you need to remove your Harley Davidson battery, it is actually quite simple process. It should only take you a couple minutes to complete this task and it doesn’t require any special skills. Tools Needed screw driver ratchet or box wrench wire brush

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VIDEO: Check The Wear on a Harley’s Tires

Good tread on your Harley Davidson tire can be the difference between holding the road on a turn and dumping the bike. For that reason you should get in the habit of checking your tires for tread wear on a regular basis.While you are doing that check, though, you can inspect the tires for other […] More »

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VIDEO: How to Change a Harley Davidson’s Spark Plugs

Regular maintenance on your Harley Davidson is important and changing the spark plugs is something that’s easy to do. Spark plugs should be changed every five to ten thousand miles. If you have performance problems during that time, the spark plugs should be checker. It will help your bike to run better and can save […] More »

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