Harley Hits the Beach in ’33

In 1933, Harley-Davidson designers created a one year only paint job which is arguably the best that has ever come out of Milwaukee. Even back in the 30’s, Harley knew that nothing looks better on a motorcycle than beautiful women and if you throw in some sand and sun, you’ve got a recipe for success. So, Harley trucked a couple of their new ’33 models down to Bradford Beach in Milwaukee for a photo shoot.

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What Would You Do With a 2/5 Scale Running Panhead Engine?

Wow—how cool is this! Building a regular engine—from like, you know, engine parts—is tricky enough. But to actually create a scale model from scratch? That’s some seriously next-level shit. Take a look at the amazing creation RonsModelEngines posted on YouTube!

  Comments | By - January 29, 2014

Harleys At Work: Coca-Cola Delivery Vehicle

Pictured above is a 1930, Harley-Davidson V-series motorcycle with a custom package truck which could hold 288 bottles of Coca-Cola. This was most likely a VLC model, with the “C” denoting commercial. It would have featured a 74 cubic inch sidevalve engine with low compression heads mated to a three-speed transmission.

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Harley Wanted to Sell Bikes to The Russians?

During WWII, Harley-Davidson was the main supplier of motorcycles to the US Armed Services. Production of their most popular model, the WLA, is thought to have been over 80,000 units. While the bulk of these were used by American GI’s, large numbers were also sent to US Allies through the Lend Lease Program. These included […] More »

  Comments | By - January 23, 2014

Harley Wheelies Look Slightly Irresponsible, Extremely Entertaining

Obviously, going around pulling wheelies on the street isn’t the safest thing you can do, and if your local law enforcement happens to see you in the act, they aren’t going to be amused. But with the PSA out of the way, I found this video extremely entertaining. Now, riding in SoCal, you I see […] More »

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