Harley Davidson Tire Review — The Tires Breakdown

Tires available for your Harley-Davidson motorcycle include two of the best-performing brands in the business: Michelin and Dunlop. The factory has also developed wide and performance tires to provide you, the Harley enthusiast, with a number of unique, signature tires to make your ride stand out and help your machine perform at its best.  Let’s […] More »

  Comments | By - February 24, 2010

VIDEO: Harley Motorcycle Battery Maintenance Tips and Tricks

A strong battery is the heart of a healthy Harley-Davidson electrical system. Your starter, lights, and accessories depend on it. Therefore it is wise to keep your battery in good shape. But how do you know if your battery is down or not functioning properly? There are a number of indications. If your bike starts […] More »

  Comments | By - February 9, 2010

Harley Touring Accessories For The Modern Rider

The choices of touring accessories for you and your Harley-Davidson motorcycle are varied and exciting. It used to be touring accessories consisted of a sleeping bag strapped to a sissy bar. Or clothes stuffed inside a pair of saddlebags. Not anymore. Choices are much more sophisticated. The different touring accessories allow you to bring a […] More »

  Comments | By - February 5, 2010

Harley Motorcycle Accessories for Speed/Performance — Quick Tips

Getting more speed out of your Harley-Davidson motorcycle is really a matter of better performance. This means getting more energy out of every drop of fuel, making every part perform the best that it can, and making sure your Harley-Davidson is operating at peak efficiency. Some improvements you can do yourself; others are better left […] More »

  Comments | By - February 4, 2010

Harley Davidson Accessories for Safety: What Should I Do?

Safety when riding your Harley-Davidson motorcycle must be the number-one priority. The reasons are many and obvious. Riders often travel at high speed and yet they do not have the protection of an automobile or truck body around them. Exposed to Nature’s elements and to the potential of an accident, Harley-Davidson owners require safety gear, […] More »

  Comments | By - February 3, 2010

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