Custom Harleys from Yokohama, Japan

We don’t know too much about these bikes except that they’re from a custom Harley-Davidson show in Yokohama. Reddit user Icouldbebatman posted these earlier this week from a trip he took, “a few moons ago.” Not sure how long ago it was, but we dig the bikes and think you will too… click here to […] More »

  Comments | By - December 18, 2013

Not So “Silent Night”

If you’ve got neighbors who don’t ride or understand “the whole Harley Davisman thing” then they probably won’t appreciate you trying to use your scooter to play Christmas carols with its exhaust note. Fortunately, Harley-Davidson Europe feels your pain and has thus produced the following ad so that you won’t need to further escalate tensions […] More »

  Comments | By - December 17, 2013

Video Shows Scumbag Stealing 2011 Sportster From Gated Garage

Here’s every riders nightmare—caught on camera. I don’t think there are too many folks who ride that aren’t worried about some piece of shit making off with their bike, and this video shows just how easy it can be done. Watching the thief bang the bars back and forth to break the steering lock made […] More »

  Comments | By - December 16, 2013

Local 7-Eleven Allegedly Dispenses Water, Not Gas, Potentially Damages Harley

Yesterday at approximately 5:30 PM CST, HDForums member Buzzfin bought a couple of gallons of gas for his new 2014 HD, which was low, at his local 7-Eleven located at 529 E. Hwy 121, Lewisville, TX (a northwestern Dallas suburb). According to him, he fired up his cycle and before even leaving the parking lot, […] More »

  Comments | By - December 16, 2013

Which is the Best All-Around Harley?

HDForums member, Swansea Jack, posed the question in the forums at the beginning of December and we’ve been watching the thread grow. He rides a Sportster but acknowledges that “best” depends on how it’s used. Obviously, you’re not going to use a chainsaw if you’re a heart surgeon (at least one who wants to keep […] More »

  Comments | By - December 13, 2013

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