Harley Chopper: The Devil Is in the Details (Photos)

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Harley Chopper

Like any good piece of art, every time you look at this new/old Harley chopper, you’re bound to see something new.

Since the Harley chopper look first caught fire back in the ’60s and ’70s, we’ve seen these custom bikes get wilder and wilder. Today, many still prefer the traditional, old school look. But others like to kick things up a notch, fitting these bikes with one-off parts derived from pure imagination. If you’re not careful, the end result can look like a discombobulated mess. But if you get it right, you’ll end up with a rolling work of art.

Harley Chopper

And that’s exactly what we call this custom Harley chopper, built by the skilled guys at Hi-Tech Custom Cycles in Holiday, Florida. Hi-Tech has been building custom choppers and winning awards for quite some time now. And after pouring over the incredible details on this particular chopper, it’s easy to see why. Pretty much every single part here is unique, yet it all goes together rather harmoniously.

Harley Chopper

It all starts with a frame, tank, and sheetmetal constructed by Redneck Engineering. A springer front end from Jeri’s Springers lends the bike an old school look. And yet, the massive rear tire and RC Components wheels are decidedly new school. And then you get to the details, of which there are plenty. How about starting with that stunning custom seat? Incredibly, the detailed piece was stitched by the same folks who used to make hides for Evel Knievel.

Harley Chopper

From there, you’ll find nice touches like a custom spiked air cleaner cover, grips that resemble the barrel of a loaded revolver, and some wicked airbrushing on the tank. It all adds up to a Harley chopper that is, put simply, visual overload. Which is exactly what a good piece of art should be.

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