Harley-riding Model Is One ‘Sweet Little Rebel’

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Let’s face it, most biker models don’t ride. But that certainly isn’t the case with this Italian Harley enthusiast.

There is a stigma attached to the Harley community, one stronger than most. It says that all Harley riders are rough and tumble dudes with huge beards and nasty dispositions. But, of course, we laugh at this lame stereotype, because we know that real Harley riders compose a wide range of people from all walks of life. And that includes beautiful Italian models, apparently.

At least one that we know of, that is. And she goes by the Instagram handle Liannetd90. We also know that she loves to ride her Harley, because, well, it says so in her bio. And because she is more than happy to post a bunch of pics of her cruising around on her black stallion. This biker is also a model, fitness enthusiast, and clearly enjoys long walks on the beach. What more could you ask for?

Does the bike make my ass look fast? 💨

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So, in addition to cruising around some of the world’s most beautiful roads, our H-D enthusiast also spends a lot of time chilling by the water. It’s a tough life, but somebody’s gotta do it. Too bad it’s not us. But we digress. And of course, we’d much rather check out her pics that also include her awesome ride.

🖤🖤🖤 After a looooooong winter, finally on the road again🏍

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And of course, there are plenty of those. But the nice thing that separates our Harley riding “sweet little rebel” is that she actually rides them. She doesn’t just drape herself over bikes like so many other models. And for that, she’s certainly worth a follow!

There she goes…💨 off to the next sunny day in Holland☀

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