Rad Reddit Rides Make Us Green with Envy

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Bikes’ badass builds & crazy colors have Reddit users in awe. 

If you’re like us, you’ve already learned the obsessive dangers of Reddit, where one curious move to check out the latest bikes in the Harley thread can cause an entire afternoon to slip by. After all, Redditt can be a treasure trove of awesomeness depending on who is posting what. And the Harley Reddit thread has already cost us countless hours of wasted time slobbering all over readers’ bike pix, which, of course, run the gamut from showing off new purchases and mods to exposing the world to some of the most unique, badass, and sometimes undeniably bizarre builds and bikes.

Take for instance, this mean green machine that was posted by Reddit user u/ChickiePWMC in a post titled “My Toys.” Now, this is our kind of toy, too. Love the color or not, this bike is one unique machine, which one reader joked looked like something from Grand Theft Auto 5. And another user simply calls the motorcycle “sick,” meaning it in the most flattering way possible. We agree, but we also dig both bikes, and the Jeep. If these are one person’s toys, we sure wouldn’t mind a playdate at his place.

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