Store Your Harley Gear in Style with this Awesome Piston Hanger

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Harley Piston Helmet Jacket Hanger

Chances are, you spent a lot of coin on your Harley riding gear. So why hang it on some cheap, boring-looking wall hook?

If you’re like us, you probably store your Harley gear away in some dark closet. Stuffed in between a bunch of other jackets and junk in unceremonious fashion. But since you probably dropped a pretty hefty sum on that fancy riding jacket and helmet, why not display them somewhere prominent? Hanging on what is essentially a piece of motorcycle-derived art worthy of a fine museum? We’re talking, of course, about his kickass piston helmet/jacket hanger from Roland Sands Design.

Mr. Sands is a hardcore motorcycle enthusiast who began his career winning championships and transitioned to the world of custom bikes. So it’s no surprise that he also creates motorcycle themed, functional art like this. This particular piece uses an authentic Harley piston to hold your helmet. But it also incorporates stainless arms to secure your jacket or riding gloves. And when your stuff isn’t on it, the hanger looks like a piece of standalone art. Can’t say that for your average, boring wall hook!

Harley Piston Helmet Jacket Hanger

The back of this Harley gear hook is done up in an attractive deep red hue complete with Roland Sands’ “winged wheel” logo. That classy cover sits over beefy 5/8″ birch to create a sturdy mounting point.

Harley Piston Helmet Jacket Hanger

The piece is surrounded by attractive modern walnut trim for an even classier appearance. And since every one of these bad boys is handmade, sizes can vary from 9-10″ wide and 23-24″ tall.


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As you might imagine, these beefy hangers also weigh in at a significant 7 pounds. They also come complete with wall hanging hardware so you can make sure your gear (and the hanger) stay anchored where they’re supposed to be.

Harley Piston Helmet Jacket Hanger

This awesome Harley gear hanger is the perfect complement to any garage or interior wall. After all, you spent major coin on your riding gear. So why not hang it one something even nicer?

Photos: Roland Sands Design

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