Harley Davidson is the number one seller of motorcycles to women. Why? Because they actually try to sell motorcycles to women. They built a rider training program for women, they have an extensive women’s clothing line, they have geared their machine to make sure women are included. In our opinion that’s a wonderful thing and […]


Evel Knievel is probably the most well known stunt rider motorcycle personality in history. He is also possibly one of the orneriest men to ever live. Known for drinking, violent outbursts, misogyny, and well not being a very nice guy in his personal life. He was a very complex man who spent a great deal […]

BB Mako Girl

Brandon Holstein run a workshop called ‘Brawny Built’ in Signal Hills, California where he does everything from basic servicing through to full custom builds. Back in 2010 he also co-founded ‘The Speed Merchant’ workshop and parts manufacturer which has been kicking butt ever since. This bike was unveiled a couple years ago at Born Free 5. […]