BB Mako Girl

Brandon Holstein run a workshop called ‘Brawny Built’ in Signal Hills, California where he does everything from basic servicing through to full custom builds. Back in 2010 he also co-founded ‘The Speed Merchant’ workshop and parts manufacturer which has been kicking butt ever since. This bike was unveiled a couple years ago at Born Free 5. […]

Seth Enslow

Check out this Tuesday Stunts video that was taken a couple years ago. A mildly crazy Australian named Seth Enslow decided to break the world record for jumping a Harley Davidson. I have to admit that the setup they used looked strong but the science applied during the video seems a bit sketch.


News flash: winter is coming. For those fortunate few who live in Southern California, Florida, and the southwestern United States, this means 60 degree weather. Oh, the horror! For the rest of us it means snow shovels, sleet, salted roads and freezing temperatures. If you are slightly off-kilter like me you keep riding anyway. I […]

Friday Funnies!


    HDForums starts your weekend off right with our latest edition of Friday Funnies! A biker walks into a bar and sits next to another biker. First biker – Hey, I’m Jimmy. Second biker – I’m Brian First biker – Where are you from? Second biker – I’m from Long Island. First biker – […]