Road Glide

This is one of my personal favorites.  I have always loved the handling of the frame mounted fairing.  With new features from Project Rushmore and updated styling the new Road Glide raises the bar once again.  Share your thoughts in the forum or comments below. 2015 HARLEY-DAVIDSON ROAD GLIDE ROARS BACK Two All-New Models Flaunt Massive […]


Safety message from the South Dakota Highway Patrol: STURGIS, S.D. (KELO AM) – As the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally nears, the South Dakota Highway Patrol is reminding drivers and bikers to share the road, especially in the heavy traffic expected in the Black Hills area. The rally officially begins on Monday, Aug. 4, but motorcycle traffic […]


It’s amazing the amount of ingenuity that the first generation of motorcycle riders possessed.  Early riders often depended on their motorcycles for transportation all year long and didn’t have the luxury of driving a car when the weather got bad.  In order to make it through the winter, they modified their Harley-Davidsons to conquer whatever Mother […]


In a forum discussion “Illinois Considering New License Requirement” the subject of tiered licensing came up.  It led to some lively discussion and we wanted to tackle the subject by looking at where in the US tiered licensing already exists and how it was implemented.  We will also look at the possible effects on motorcycle manufacturers sales. […]