LA SALLE is a 90s Harley Davidson EVO that has been transformed into a bike with classic antique style. For this bike nothing was out of reach. Using contacts from overseas they located a pristine frame. Matching engine and more original parts were sourced. Full restoration was completed to refresh every single part of the […]


  A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to work with the local dealer running a demo ride day for Indian. Two straight days of riding well over 500 miles on backroads went almost perfectly. This is the second time I have helped this dealer with demo rides but the first time I had […]


Not Harley related but it’s Friday and this is frankly straight up American Ninja level skills. Not only does this spectator leap over a sliding motorcycle about to crash into him, he doesn’t even drop his cell phone or stop talking. This happened near Wheeling, W. Va, during a recent race at Powerline Park, located […]

Friday Funnies!


This weeks Friday Funnies is for the husbands out there! A drunk biker is riding through the city and his bike is weaving violently all over the road. An Irish cop pulls him over. The cop says to the biker, “Where have you been?” “I’ve been to the pub,” slurs the biker. “Well,” says the […]


Due to the Lend Lease Act, Harley-Davidson supplied many of our Allies with motorcycles during WWII.  This was by far the largest export of Harley’s overseas for military use, but it certainly was not the first time the Motor Company had dealings with military forces outside the US.  In the 1930′s, Harley exported a number […]