Tuesday Stunts!


  Stock Photo: Not from the video. This weeks Tuesday stunts features a Sportster from south of the border and a skull masked bandit rider. There is also a V-Rod being flogged mercilessly. Not a whole lot of description available on this video, the uploader didn’t give us much to go by. What we can […]


HDForums Monday Morning race results! In AMA Flat Track Kenny Coolbeth JR won the Springfield Mile II August 31st. Putting HD on the top step once again at this historic venue. Jared Mees was third on a second HD. Kawasaki’s Bryan Smith still leads the overall points standing over Mees by 9. Pro Stock Motorcycle […]


Since the dawn of time, men have been customizing their toys. When Grok finally began making spears for his fellow cave people, I guarantee it only too Og a week before he tied a big feather to his and added on an aftermarket shaft. After all, if everybody was throwing the same spear, how were […]