Armored Harleys in Chile

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At first glance, I took this to be something built by the Russian military, but it turns out that this Harley-Davidson was exported to Chile as pictured.  It’s also not even for the military but instead for their motorized police brigade.  Must have been rough down in Chile during the 1940’s…

The motorcycle was built around a 1940 Harley-Davidson UL.  This was Harley’s 74″ Big Twin flathead, not to be confused with the smaller 45″ flathead used in the WLA.  Obviously the larger engine must have been needed to haul around all the extra armor plating.  An all metal fairing protected the driver, while the passenger was seated behind a curved metal shield of his own.  Even the front tire has thick steel fender which almost reaches the ground.  These police look like they were ready for a serious gun fight.

And if your going to be in a gun fight, then why not come prepared with a Browning M1917 machine gun.  This .30 caliber heavy machine gun was capable at firing rates of 600 rounds per minute thanks to a water cooled barrel.  Just image the damage it could inflict on a couple of Chilean bad guys.  It would definitely help keep the street clear!

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