HOT SPOTS: Bikes, Buffalo & BBQ! And a Watusi?!?

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Docs - Harley-Davidson

Cure the summertime blues at Doc’s Harley-Davidson in WI, birthplace of the 10-seater Harley and a mini-mule named ‘Shorty.’

 Harley - 10-seater

Located 18 miles west of Green Bay, Wisconsin, you’ll find not only Harleys but a mini-zoo and museum at Doc’s Harley-Davidson. The 58-acre facility features a great showroom where you can purchase a new Harley and have it serviced. But there’s more, so much more to see and do at Doc’s.

“Doc’s Zoo” includes a menagerie of critters, including alligators, bison, birds, tortoises, a crested porcupine, and a kangaroo! While there, you can meet “Shorty,” the zoo’s newest addition. Shorty is a miniature mule, the product of a romance between “Beauty,” their miniature horse, and “Eddie,” their miniature donkey.

Doc’s “Biker Mezzanine” is situated in the outdoor courtyard and is topped with a real motorcycle! Adventurous folks can take the spiral staircase to the top and sit in custom furniture made with all Harley-Davidson parts. In the center, just below the mezzanine, Doc’s live tortoises are free to roam around.

 Harley - 10-seater

Take a step back in time inside “Doc’s Classic Car & Cycle Museum,” which is packed with cool ’60s muscle cars and a tasteful blend of various classic cars and motorcycles. A real 1938 Standard gas station has been reassembled on one whole wall of the museum. There’s even a Harley-Davidson bicycle from 1917!

By the end of your visit, you’ll be hungry and thirsty, so pop on into the “Timeline Saloon & BBQ,” which is located next door to Doc’s Harley-Davidson. The restaurant specializes in BBQ ribs, pulled pork, brisket, charcoal grilled burgers, and more. Adjacent to the saloon is the “Antiques & Mini-Shoppes” store featuring a constantly changing, wide variety of antiques, jewelry, artwork, and products from a diverse group of local vendors.

While on-site, you’ll want to check out “Doc’s Creations,” which includes a “Camshaft Cobra” statue that Doc built in 2008. The Cobra is constructed entirely of genuine Harley-Davidson camshafts and valves. Another one of Doc’s amazing creations is the 10-seater Harley. Each year, Doc creates several gifts to be given away at the local Wolf River H.O.G. Chapter Christmas party.

And, oh yes, the watusi. “Betsy” the Watusi was born in 2002 and came to Doc’s zoo in February of 2009. Betsy is a rare breed of cattle called Ankole-Watusi. Sporting an eight-foot horn span from tip to tip, Betsy is a highly social cow and lives happily with Doc’s buffalo.

Dan Gregory is a regular contributor to Harley-Davidson Forums and Ford F-150 Online.

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