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ABS Brake Recall

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Old 03-20-2018, 05:33 AM
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Originally Posted by hellonewman View Post
Thats exactly what you had on your car. Only half of your master had a problem so you were down to one of the two braking systems. Go back to 1966 on a car where you had a single braking system, talk about screwed if you popped a flex hose because we all know the emergency brake was seized years prior.
My older sister gave me her 66 Mustang when I was old enough to drive, things were more simple then, albeit a bit more dangerous.
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Old 03-20-2018, 05:52 AM
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Originally Posted by jimglassford View Post

I really hope you do not take this with any inflection other than am very interested in learning more about your failure.

What year was your V-Star
Did it have ABS
What exactly failed in the brakes

The reason I ask is that if the ABS failed, as in froze up, then any other motorcycle can have the same concern as the Harley owners. A system did not fail in a safe manner. I would like to see the inside of the V-Star design.

If something failed other than the ABS module due to moisture in the brake fluid, should all of us start inspection other parts of the brake system on any bike. The diagnosis would help everyone.

I kind of learned a different way about moisture in brake fluid. I mountain bike and the hydraulic disk brakes use DOT 4. The second year I owned the bike, first ride of the season, the front brake system started dragging on a long ride and eventually would not release. I did not realize that you have to bleed the brakes and replace the fluid every spring. These brake systems are very small, having only a few CCs of fluid and no reservoir, just a plunger pushing the fluid. Moisture expanded the fluid over the winter and the heat generated while braking expanded the fluid, clamping down on the rotor.
2008 Vstar 1300 tourer

Issue was complete loss of rear brake. Petal went right to the metal. (no pun)

(my own calculation based on other people in the Vstar forums experience)

Old break fluids becomes laden with moisture. Brake fluid absorbs moisture and must be changed.
Motorcycles have naturally very limited amount of fluid to absorb that moisture as the system is so small.

Wife and I, mountain roads, much of the day, heading back to motel on a large mountain, using rear brake at times to stablize the bike going through the curves/twisties (always in mind we dont want to use brakes too often)

Make it to top of mountain, start descending, first curve, rear brake petal goes all the way down, in disbelief, I try again, all the way down, no brake, front still working, NO place at all to pull off and so steep, even if there was, not sure I would have the stopping power or not.

5,10 minutes seemed like eternity, trying to balance engine braking and front brakes to keep the bike up and my wife on the back alive.
Also note at the time, I had no idea what was going on and if the front brake would go out, if it did I knew I was screwed.

Bottom line, once at the bottom, maybe 10 minutes later, rear brake started working again.

Reason, based on vstar forums from our hotel room and I agreed.

Brake fluid was never changed, laden with moisture the fluid got hot on that day and the moisture in the fluid boiled/turned into water vapor creating vapor lock, once the fluid cooled down, vapor absorbed back into fluid and brakes started working again.
I rode home from the mountains, issue didnt repeat and as soon as I got home, checked the manual and required 2 year change was buried in the manual, changed the fluid, fluid came out black, new fluid was crystal clear. never had another brake issue with the bike.

This can happen on ANY bike and why they all call for a 2 year replacement of the fluid. Also, its to the owners benefit in another way, keep the fluid changed/mositure out of the system and you wont have issues with bad calipers/master cylinders etc.

(this is a direct answer to your question, not the issue with the HD ABS recall)


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Old Yesterday, 01:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Ed Ramberger View Post
You mean when Ford did the math and decided that people dying in Pintos would cost less to pay off than a recall on a known exploding fuel tank (true fact - look it up) was a better way to do business? I'm not exactly certain those were the glory days.
That got Ford put on trial for murder at the time, in Indiana, with a building full of imported defense lawyers.
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