Author: Kevin Bitter

13 Oddball American Places to Ride

We all love our bikes out in the grandeur of nature, but occasionally you come across something odd and have to stop and give it a closer look. Here’s 13 out of the ordinary sites, as found on Roadside America.

  Comments | By - April 24, 2017

The Hard Working Harley-Davidson Servi-Car of 1932-1973 (photos)

One of the longest running models Harley-Davidson ever made was not a pleasure cruiser, but the utilitarian Servi-Car, with 100 uses. Where did it come from? Why was it here? Why did it go away?

  Comments | By - April 20, 2017

10 Most Notorious Outlaw Bike Clubs

Legend has it that 99% of all bike clubs are comprised of hard working, law abiding citizens – then there are “one percenters”…

  Comments | By - April 17, 2017

9 Easter Egg Colored Harleys

Harleys can come in all sorts of designs, colors, and models but here are some that celebrate a certain pastel time of the year.

  Comments | By - April 14, 2017

5 Harley-Davidson Easter Eggs Hidden on the bikes

It’s spring time and the children of all ages love Easter egg hunts. See where Harley-Davidson hides some of their Easter egg features on the bikes. Where have you found some?

  Comments | By - April 12, 2017

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