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When in doubt, freak ’em out. 

Skull imagery has always been synonymous with biker culture, from the logos of motorcycle clubs to Harley-Davidson’s own emblems and badging. And it makes sense, of course, because skulls are bold and badass. They convey defiance and immortality; commitment, danger, and rebelliousness. In other words, there is no image better suited to a biker.

With Halloween around the corner, we’ll be seeing skulls popping up everywhere, and we love it. But we wanted to show off ten must-have items of skull gear that look cool and powerful year round.

We found some particularly cool skull gear at, appropriately enough, Biker Ring Shop, whose products really impressed us with their fine detail and originality.

Taking a cue from the original rebel, the Keith Richards Skull Ring (pictured in main photo) is a solid sterling silver ring that is mastered after, well, the master. Nice details, a lot of character, and a cool way to rock a skull.

Who knows? Maybe after donning this ring, we too could discover Richards’ secret to indestructibility.

Buckle Up

Skull Belt Buckle

The Stack Skull and Crossbones Belt Buckle really stands out for its craftsmanship and personality. The buckle is nice and solid with heft. The assorted skulls, bones, and crosses on the cross-shaped buckle (made of solid sterling silver) are an eye-catching touch.

‘Dem Bones

Designed with bikers in mind, this Skull Money Clip offers a way to keep ahold of your dough without the bulk. The design is light enough to offer comfort but weighty enough that you know it’s there. Says Biker Ring Shop, “Despite their small size, the skulls have been intricately carved, with bulging eye sockets and a full set of teeth to give them an extra creepy look.” Nice. A cool way to travel light, and definitely discourage anyone from stealing from you.

Cool & Classic

Vintage leather biker wallet

The Vintage Leather Bikers Wallet was designed specifically for motorcycle riders. It features “Ride to Live” lettering in red against a backdrop of three skulls that we’d happily grab a beer with. It is made with impressive craftsmanship, all by hand, and offers a number of slots and compartments for ease. The vintage style and attitude are classic.

Emerald Eyes

We really dig this Tibetan Skull Ring (above) that offers a different type of skull style. The emerald stone accents and intricate details make this piece really stand out. The finish of sliver, gold, and oxidized black is very sharp, and the design is artistic and perfectly executed. And the crown of mini-skulls is a particularly badass touch.

Chain of Cool

Skull Wallet Chain

You’ve got to have a good chain to secure your wallet, and the Slash Skull Wallet Chain is the perfect dead man’s party for the job. It is solid and full of character, and features a string of grinning skulls.

Bone, Mugs & Harmony

A cool and ghoulish face with piercing blue eyes along with eerie, reaching fingers make the Skeleton Bone Keychain fun and intimidating. Cheating the long hand of death every time you open a door should make for an interesting day.

Cuff ’em All

Skull cuff

A sterling silver cuff is an interesting and pretty sharp alternative to a leather cuff. The Classic Skull Sterling Silver Cuff offers a unique and brash style that is solid, thick, and features a perfectly-crafted skull.

Protect Ya Neck

Skull Pendant Necklace

Fusing two symbols is the Big Skull Pendant Necklace. The Biker Ring Shop describes the stylish leather-corded pendant as “The ominous glare of a boned skull head upon the sharpened blades of an axe, the perfect combination of strength and immortal power.” Weighty with a comfortable braided leather chain, this is sure to rattle some bones.

Flash of Genius

When it comes to items that offer style and practicality, this Skull Flash Drive Pendant is a brilliant idea. Emblazoned with a fierce skull with diamond-like eyes, this pendant also doubles as a useful flash drive for when you need to get while online on the road.

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