New Hampshire College Students Design Badass Custom Harley

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College Students Design Great Bay Bobber Harley

‘The Great Bay Bobber’ was designed and built by students from local community college’s motorcycle mechanic training program.

Students at Great Bay Community College in Rochester, New Hampshire, recently completed a final assignment that beats the hell out of a book report. They built a custom Harley-Davidson Softail Slim. The class received some guidance from Kurt Dumond, service manager at the Rochester Harley-Davidson, and program instructor at GBCC. But the work was done by the seven students, who named their bike “The Great Bay Bobber.” The bike was unveiled recently at the Rochester Harley-Davison.

The students are the first to graduate from a new motorcycle mechanic/technician training program at GBCC, in collaboration with Harley-Davidson and Seacoast Motorcycles.

“A couple of years ago, we came to realize that all our techs have to go to Texas or Florida to be trained,” Arielle Andrews, marketing director for Seacoast Motorcycles told Fosters. “So, we partnered with Great Bay. They thought it was a good opportunity to add a new program for their students. We thought it was a great opportunity for us to begin building a workforce.”

The bike was built using the Battle of the Kings guidelines…which is exactly where the bike is headed next.

“They have to stay within a budget. The motorcycle, has to be something a customer would want, and will be for sale,” said Andrews.”When we posed it to the students, they were so excited, and got so passionate about the project. They worked on it with techs here who are their course instructors.”

student designed Great Bay Bobber

The build was a great experience for the students, and they are thrilled with the outcome.

“This program has been a great experience for me,” said Quinn MacVittie. “I learned so much and when they told us about this build, it was just cool. We brainstormed and had to come up with the design and we made it. It’s great for me as I want to go into the custom design industry.”

Disabled veteran Kevin Angell said the program gave him a collaborative environment and structure similar to his military days.

“And the bike is awesome,” Angell says. “I can’t wait for everyone to see it.”

To vote for The Great Bay Bobber, go to the Battle of the Kings website.

Photos: Fosters/Harley-Davidson

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